How to Install LaPlaza Kodi Addon

How to install laplaza addon on kodi

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the LaPlaza addon on Kodi. This addon is available on all the Kodi devices, including FireStick, Mobiles, Computers, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Shield, and more.

LaPlaza is essentially an on-demand streaming Kodi addon for Movies & Shows. However, it also packs tons of other streaming options including Documentaries, Kids Corner, Fitness Zone, Music, Radio, and more.

In fact, this addon also has an IPTV section. You may find some working channels here.

As Laplaza Kodi addon offers a range of streaming options, supports Real Debrid and Traktv, and is currently working smoothly, we have added it to our line-up of popular Kodi addons.

LaPlaza addon is available via the cy4root Repository, which is a part of our list for the best Kodi repositories.

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How to install Laplaza addon on Kodi

In this section, I will provide the steps to install this addon on Kodi. However, I am breaking this section into two parts in the order they need to be followed. This makes the process a bit easier to understand. Here is what we will do:

  • Allow or enable the option Unknown Sources in the Settings on Kodi
  • Install the Laplaza addon on Kodi

Part 1: Allow or enable Unknown Sources

The reason why we need to do this first is that Kodi would not allow the installation of the third-party addons by default. This is a setting that must be first changed.

Follow the steps below:

1: After launching the Kodi app, stay on the home screen or the main screen

This is what it looks like

Here, go to the top-left corner where you see the Kodi logo. Click the gear icon and open Settings

How to install laplaza addon on kodi

2: This will be the Settings menu of Kodi

Now, we click the option System

system settings

3: Within the System window, you will find some options on the left menu

Click Add-ons

Install laplaza kodi addon

4: You will now find new options on the right and one of them is Unknown Sources (as highlighted in the image below)

This must be turned ON (if it is currently OFF). Click it!

kodi unknown sources

5: Before turning Unknown Sources on, Kodi will ask for your confirmation

We will click Yes to proceed

unknown sources warning

This is how Kodi is configured to install Laplaza addon (or for that matter any other third-party addon)

Part 2: Install Laplaza Kodi addon

This is the part where we follow the installation steps. Here is how it is done:

1: You want to go to the Kodi Settings one more time (by clicking the gear icon in the top-left section of the main window of Kodi)

How to install laplaza addon on kodi

2: From the Settings menu, open the option File manager

file manager

3: You must now see the Add source option on the left as well as on the right

You may click any one of them (double click if you use Kodi on a computer)

click add source

4: Now you are presented with the following dialog box or popup window

Here, we will click where you see

adding file source in kodi file manager

5: This is the part where you enter the source URL for the LaPlaza Kodi addon

Type this path:

Type the link carefully and make sure there are no typos

Click OK

cy4root repository link

6: You must now be back on this window

Provide a name for the source URL you just added

I am choosing the name cy4root though you may type any other name if you like

Click OK again

add the source name

7: We are now going to go back to the Settings menu. Press the back button once (or if you are on the home screen, again click the gear icon in the top-left corner)

Click Addons

add-ons settings

8: Open the option Install from zip files when this window appears

install from zip file

9: On this popup window, you will find the source name you added in Step 6

I chose the name cy4root

Click the name

Kodi addon laplaza

10: On the next screen, open the zip file repository.cy4root-master

Clicking this file will install the cy4root Repository

Install laplaza kodi addon

11: Wait for a few seconds until the repository is installed

Cy4root Repository Add-on installed notification appears in the top-right section of your display

Laplaza kodi addon

12: On the same window, go ahead and click the option Install from repository

install from repository

13: Access the cy4root Repository you just installed

click cy4root repository

14: Click the option Video add-ons on the window that appears next

video addons list

15: You will find the Laplaza addon here. Go ahead and click it.

laplaza addon

16: Now, to install this addon, click the option Install on this window (bottom-right)

how to install laplaza kodi addon

17: You should see this window with the list of all the addons that will be installed alongside Laplaza

Click OK to continue

laplaza supporting files and addons

18: Installation will now begin. It may take a minute or two.

We will wait for the LaPlaza Add-on installed notification (displayed in the top-right section of the window)

laplaza addon installed

19: If this prompt from YouTube addon is displayed during or after the installation, click NO

YouTube setup is not required for this addon to work

Install laplaza kodi addon

That’s it! You have successfully installed the LaPlaza addon on Kodi.

How to use LaPlaza Kodi addon

In this section, we will discuss the following:

  • Access Laplaza Kodi addon
  • Explore Laplaza Kodi addon
  • Fix ‘no streams available’ issue
  • Authorize Real Debrid

Part 1: Access Laplaza Kodi addon

If you already know how to access addons on Kodi, you may skip to the next section.

You may access video add-ons directly from the main screen of Kodi. Just highlight (without clicking) the Add-ons option on the left menu. You will find Laplaza under the Video add-ons section on the right

The other way is to click the Add-ons option on the main screen. On the next screen do not click, just highlight Video add-ons. LaPlaza addon is available on the right

how to use Laplaza kodi addon

Part 2: Explore LaPlaza Kodi addon

This is the main screen of the Laplaza addon. Here, you will find the various streaming categories, such as Movies, TV Shows, Documentary, Kids Corner, etc.

You may also explore some special categories like TMDb Lists, Fitness Zone, Legends of Music, and Radio.

Additionally, LaPlaza Kodi addon has an IPTV section if you want to stream cable TV channels. However, this section is not exactly very reliable.

laplaza addon content list

You will notice that most of the categories are organized in various subcategories. For instance, when I open Movies on the mains screen, I find several subcategories including Genres, Year, People, Languages, People Watching, etc.

These subcategories may be further organized into more subcategories.

You may explore the categories and subcategories to find the content for streaming.

Part 3: Fix ‘no streams available’ issue

It is unlikely, but you may sometimes not find any streams for movies and shows. Or, sometimes the addon may display a very small number of streams. Usually, this can be fixed by following these steps:

1: Click Tools on the main screen of the Laplaza Kodi addon

no streams available on laplaza kodi addon

2: Click Settings: Providers on the next screen

Laplaza providers

3: You will see this prompt asking you to install the OpenScrapers Module. Go ahead and click Yes


4: Make sure that the Providers tab is selected on the left menu

On the right, under Provider Settings, check which scraper is selected for Provider Choice. It would either be Open Scrapers or Lipton Module

Note: If the selected scraper doesn’t work, choose the other one

Kodi addon laplaza

5: Depending upon the chosen scraper above, click the respective scraper on the same window (check the image below)

6: On the next window, make sure the General tab is selected

Now, click Enable All Providers on the right

enable all providers on laplaza addon

Go back to the main screen and navigate to the content you wish to play. You will find more streams.

Part 4: Authorize Real Debrid

I am going to give you the quick steps to pair Real Debrid with LaPlaza addon.

If you want detailed information, please visit our guide on How to set up and use Real Debrid with Kodi.

Follow these steps:

1: Click Tools on the main window of the LaPlaza Kodi addon

laplaza tools

2: Scroll down to the bottom and click ResolveURL: Settings

resolveurl settings

3: Click Universal Resolvers on the left menu

Scroll down to the Real Debrid section on the right

Change the Priority value to 90 (default is 100)

Click (Re)Authorize My Account

reauthorize resolveurl

4: You should now see this popup with a code

Go to in a web browser

Log in with your Real-Debrid account (if you haven’t done that already)

Enter this code

How to add real debrid to laplaza addon on kodi

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I would like to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, Sports) might get you into legal trouble.

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Wrapping Up

So, this is all about the LaPlaza addon on Kodi. This addon comes from the cy4root Repository, which is one of the most trusted repositories these days. LaPlaza gives you tons of streaming options including the regular movies and shows as well as special categories. It looks like a decent addon at this time.


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