How to Install Magicality Kodi Addon

How to Install Magicality Kodi Addon

In this post, you will learn to install Magicality addon on Kodi. Magicality is a fork of the very popular Neptune Rising addon.

Neptune Rising was probably the biggest casualty of the Blamo repo being discontinued. For about a year, Neptune Rising had been the top-rated Kodi addon for on-demand entertainment. You may still find Neptune Rising in some odd repos here and there, but it isn’t as good as used to be when it was the part of the Blamo repo. Thankfully, I recently ran into Magicality Kodi addon, which is the fork of Neptune Rising. Magicality is every bit as good as Neptune Rising or better even.

Just like its predecessor Neptune Rising, Magicality addon for Kodi has a massive library of on-demand content. You name a movie or TV show and you are very likely to find it here. The scraping capabilities of Magicality are also at par with Neptune Rising. I found dozens of working links for various movies and episodes. So, if you have been missing Neptune Rising, do not anymore. Here is Magicality that fills right in its shoes. Let’s learn to install Magicality addon on Kodi.

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How to Install Magicality Addon on Kodi 17.6

The third-party Kodi addons like Magicality addon require a special permission before they can be installed. The addons that are not included in the official Kodi Add-on repository are considered to be from the third-party, unknown sources. Here is how you can allow the installation of such addons:

1. Open the Kodi app on your device. Stay on the home screen. Click Settings

Note: Settings is the gear icon, which is on the top-left of the Kodi screen. It is just below the Kodi logo.

how to install Magicality kodi addon

2. On the following window, choose System settings

system settings kodi

3. You could now see a set of items on the left sidebar of the screen. Select Add-ons. Now go to the right of the screen and switch on the Unknown Sources item

kodi unknown sources

4. The following prompt says that switching on the Unknown Sources may cause harm to your device. But, it is only true when you install a suspicious, malicious addon. Magicality Kodi addon is a safe addon. I have tested it personally.

install magicality addon on kodi

With the System settings configuration taken care of, you are all set to install Kodi Magicality addon. Follow the steps below:

1. Go back to the home-screen of Kodi again. Again, choose Settings

kodi settings

2. On the next window, select File manager this time and open it

file manager on kodi

3. Now click and open the option Add source

Note: This option is on both the left and right side of this screen. It doesn’t matter which one you click.

add source on kodi app

4. This is the next pop-up window that you see. Click the > option that you see in the middle (refer to the image)

magicality kodi addon

5. A new window is now displayed. This window has the onscreen keypad on the bottom. Enter the following source URL:

Click the OK button

magicality repo download url

6. When you are back on this window again, type in the name of the source that you added in the previous step. You may choose any name you want. Though, make the name identifiable so that you can locate it easily later. You are going to need it.

I name the source Wilson. Click OK

magicality kodi addon

Up until the previous step, you added the link to the source from where we will install the Magicality repository in the upcoming steps. Finally, we will use the Magicality repo and install the Magicality Kodi addon

7. Return to the home-screen of Kodi one more time. When you get there, select the Add-ons option that you see on the left part of the Kodi screen.

kodi magicality

8. Navigate to the top-left of the next Kodi screen and open the Package Installer. I am referring to the option whose icon looks like an open box (check the following image).

magicality kodi

9. Open Install from zip file

install magicality from zip file on kodi

10. Now click the source name that you previously added. In my case, it will be wilson.

install Magicality repo on kodi

11. Now open the zip file

Note: If the version number of this zip file isn’t the same, don’t worry about it. Click the zip file with the new number.

magicality repository

12. In about one minute, you will see the Magicality Repo Add-on installed notification. It will appear in the upper-right corner of the window

install from repository on kodi

As abovementioned, you have successfully installed the Magicality repo. Let’s now use this repo and get the Magicality addon.

13. You should now be on the same window as you see in the image I have provided below. Click the option Install from repository

how to install Magicality on kodi

14. Open the repository Magicality Repo

Magicality repository

15. Go ahead and click Video add-ons

Magicality video addons

16. Next, click Magicality

Magicality kodi addon

17. Click Install

how to install Magicality kodi addon

18. Allow the Magicality add-on to install on Kodi. You will see a bunch of notifications on the top-right. Wait until you see Magicality Add-on installed

magicality on kodi

Great! You have successfully installed the Magicality Kodi addon.

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connect expressvpn for kodi

Magicality Addon for Kodi: An Overview

Let’s dig into the addon a little bit. Though, there isn’t a lot to explain. Magicality addon for Kodi is pretty straightforward.

To access Magicality, go to the Kodi home-screen. Now, click Add-ons. Next, click Video add-ons.

In this section, you will find the Magicality addon icon. Go ahead and click the addon and open it.

how to use Magicality on Kodi

The layout of the addon and the categories are very similar to that of Neptune Rising. The home-screen has all the regular categories including Movies, TV Shows, etc.

how to use Magicality kodi addon

Let’s go ahead and check out the Movies and TV Shows categories one by one. Inside the Movies category, again you find regular categories like Genres, Year, People, Languages, etc.

There are several categories Magicality Kodi addon shares with Neptune Rising. I am drawing this comparison as Magicality is indeed a fork of Neptune Rising.

kodi magicality addon

When you access the TV Shows from the main-screen of Magicality addon, again you discover the subcategories usual to its type. You can look up by Genres, Networks, New TV Shows, New Episodes, etc.

magicality addon on kodi

All in all, being a fork of Neptune Rising, Magicality Kodi addon is very similar to its predecessor. I also noticed that it delivers the same quality streams as Neptune Rising. So, it would be safe to say that Magicality is a suitable alternative to Neptune Rising.


So, here we are with the Magicality Kodi addon that tries to fill the void Neptune Rising left. And, I would say it is doing the job well. Magicality is new, and if you haven’t heard of it, don’t blame yourself. I discovered it only recently and as soon as I did, I felt compelled to share it with you. I am hoping you will like it because there is no reason not to, especially if you liked Neptune Rising. There is a big pool of content and plenty of effective scrapers to get you the working links. Give it a try!


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