How to Install Sandman Kodi Builds (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

how to install sandman builds on kodi
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Today, I will demonstrate how to install the Sandman Builds on Kodi. You can install this build on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon FireStick and all other devices on which Kodi is supported.

Sandman is a known name in the world of Kodi and now it brings to you a decent inventory of various Kodi builds. Most of the Sandman Kodi builds are light in size and hence offer great performance on most devices, including the ones with moderate or low-specs. I have tried their builds and was convinced that they must be the part of our Best Kodi Builds catalog.

I will take you through the complete set of steps to install the Sandman Builds on Kodi. These builds are similar on many levels, but also offer unique experience through distinct interfaces, addon library and to some extent performance. I will focus on the Vengeance Kodi build here for the demonstration purposes. But, you may install any build you like. Let’s get started!

Attention: Kodi Builds bring unlimited streaming content, but could also get you in a legal trouble. Kodi users must use a VPN to hide their identity while streaming movies / TV Shows / Sports. Moreover, many popular Addons are geo-blocked and will require a VPN to work.

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How to Install Sandman Builds on Kodi

Installing a build is usually a multi-part process. Sandman Kodi Builds installation process includes five parts as follows:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources
  2. Add the Sandman source URL to Kodi
  3. Install the Sandman Media Repo
  4. Install the Sandman Media Wizard
  5. Install one of the Sandman builds

Let me take you through each part in the order laid out above.

Part 1: Enable Unknown Sources

This is the part where you tweak Kodi settings to allow the installation of third-party builds like Sandman Kodi builds.

#1: Click the Settings icon on the home-screen of Kodi

how to install sandman builds on kodi

#2: Open the option System settings

how to install sandman kodi builds

#3: Click the item Add-ons (it is on the left menu)

#4: While staying on the same window (with Add-ons selected), enable or switch on the Unknown Sources

sandman builds on kodi

#5: Click Yes when prompted

sandman kodi builds

Unknown Sources is now enabled.

Part 2: Add the Sandman Source URL to Kodi

In this part, you will supply Kodi with the path to the source from where Sandman Media repo will be installed

#6: Open the Kodi Settings again from its home-screen

install sandman builds on kodi

#7: Now open the option File manager

sandman kodi builds

#8: Go ahead and open the item Add source on either side of the next Kodi window

install sandman builds on kodi

#9: You must now see this new window. Click where you see

sandman kodi builds

#10: Now type the URL or path in the field on the top. When you are done, click OK.

Here is the URL:

sandman builds repository

#11: You must now give a name to the URL/path you just added. Give it a name you like.

I am naming it sandman

Click OK

kodi sandman

You have successfully added the source for Sandman Kodi builds

Part 3: Install the Sandman Media Repo

In this part, you will install the repository from the added source

#12: Press the back or escape button/key on your device and head back to the Kodi home-screen

#13: Click Add-ons

sandman builds

#14: Open the item Package installer. You will find this item in the top-left corner of this screen. Remember that it is like an open box

sandman kodi builds

#15: Now choose Install from zip file

kodi sandman builds

#16: You should now see the source name you added earlier on this window. Click it.

For instance, I am clicking sandman, the name I chose

sandman kodi builds

#17: Now click and open the file named

Note: In the event, you notice a different version number of the zip file, go ahead and open it anyway

sandman repository

#18: Wait for the alert saying Sandman Media Repo Add-on installed to appear on the top-right. It won’t take long

how to get sandman kodi builds

You have successfully installed the Sandman Media Repo

Part 4: Install the Sandman Media Wizard

We now install the addon called Sandman Media Wizard. This addon hosts all the Sandman Kodi builds

#19: (Continuing from Step 18 above) Click Install from repository

install from repository kodi

#20: Click Sandman Media Repo

sandman media repo

#21: Open Program add-ons

kodi program addons

#22: Click Sandman Media Wizard

how to download sandman kodi builds

#23: Click Install

sandman media wizard installation

#24: Now wait for the Sandman Media Wizard Add-on installed notification. This usually takes 2-3 minutes

kodi sandman

#25: Click Dismiss on this popup (it will appear within a few seconds after the Wizard is installed)

sandman kodi builds

#27: You will see another popup. Click Continue

Note: You may select any settings you want to change before clicking Continue

install sandman builds on kodi

#28: Click Ignore

Note: In the next part, you will see how to access the Build Menu from the Kodi home-screen

kodi sandman builds

Note 2: The above popups usually reappear after you get rid of them. Click the same options again.

Sandman Media Wizard has thus been installed.

Part 5: Install a Sandman Kodi Build

This is the part where we finally install one of the Sandman Kodi builds. Keep reading!

#29: Go to the home-screen of Kodi. Click Add-ons

#30: Click Program addons

#31: Click the Sandman Media Wizard

sandman kodi builds

#32: Click (SANDMAN MEDIA) Builds

sandman media builds

#33: Under Krypton Builds, select the build you wish to install. I am picking Vengeance build for the demonstration purposes

vengeance kodi build

#34: Click Fresh Install

Note: The reason why I choose Fresh Install is that it will reset Kodi on your device to the factory defaults. This is the best way to install any build.

how to install sandman kodi builds

#35: When prompted, click Continue to allow the Wizard to reset Kodi to its default state

vengeance kodi build from sandman media

#36: Now simply wait for the build to download. It will first download the files and later install automatically

download sandman builds

Note: The download size is approximately 199 MB, but the build will unpack and take nearly 256 MB data

sandman kodi builds

#37: When the Sandman Kodi build has been installed, click Force Close

Note: There is no need to click Reload Profile as will eventually only crash Kodi (in a way Force Close it)

force close kodi

Great! You have successfully installed the Vengeance Sandman Kodi Build on your device.

Attention Kodi Users

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An Overview of Sandman Kodi Builds

As we just installed the Vengeance Kodi build from the Sandman library, let’s first take a look at it. Later, I will introduce you briefly to the Vendetta build too.

This is the home screen of the Vengeance build

how to use sandman kodi builds

The menu and submenu bars are aligned to the top edge of the screen. And, when you select a media item in the menu, corresponding video options are displayed on the bottom. As you see, I have selected Movies and the list of the featured movies appears around the bottom.

Vengeance is smooth, lightweight build. But, if you are running it for the first time, make sure you give it enough time to update the addons.  Vengeance build’s addon library is not that great. Yet, you will find enough addons to stream your favorite movies and shows. Live TV is a challenge. If you are lucky, you will stumble upon an addon that streams live channels. But, none of them are consistent.

Let’s dig a little into the Vendetta build.

how to use Sandman builds on kodi

Vendetta Kodi build from Sandman inventory looks better as far as the addons are concerned. It looks a little dramatic, but has a good line-up of addons with Redemption, The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, Numbers, and more.

install sandman builds on kodi


Sandman Media Wizard has a decent line-up of Kodi builds including Vengeance, Vendetta, Hellboy, Survival, Red Dead Redemption and more.

The builds are generally lightweight and thus offer satisfactory performance. Stability is a little concern as both the builds I tested recently – Vengeance and Vendetta – crashed at least once.

If you are looking for on-demand movies and shows, the builds are just fine. For Live TV, it would be a good idea to install some addons separately.

All in all, Sandman Kodi Builds are worth a try.

Winding Up

In this tutorial, you learned how to install the Sandman Kodi Builds. This repository has a bunch of decent Kodi builds for your entertainment pleasures. I have mentioned Vengeance and Vendetta builds here, but please feel free to try other builds too. In fact, I would love to hear your feedback on the builds. Please take some time out and let me know what do you think about these builds from Sandman via the comments section below.


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