How to Install SkyDark Kodi Build in Quick and Easy Steps

how to install skydark kodi build

In this guide, I am providing the steps to install SkyDark build on Kodi. These steps will work on all the Kodi supported devices, such as Windows PC, Mac, Android, TV devices like FireStick and Android Boxes.

SkyDark is one of the best Kodi builds I have come across recently. This build packs a solid collection of video addons. Its on-demand sections (movies and TV shows) are particularly impressive with addons like The Magic Dragon, Redemption, Corona and a few more. You will also find decent options for Sports and Kids stuff. Live TV isn’t really great, but you can supplement the build with more live TV addons from our list of top Kodi addons.

SkyDark Kodi build’s design is pretty cool though. It’s a blend of modern and futuristic, with some inspiration from material designing. SkyDark takes more than 450 MB of space on your device. This makes it a slightly heavy build. Yet, I find it fast and smooth on most devices. It did slow down a bit on FireStick, but it was still acceptable. Follow the steps below to install SkyDark build on Kodi and give it a try!

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Steps to Install SkyDark Kodi Build

The first thing we need to do is turn on Unknown sources on Kodi. To prevent the unauthorized installation of any malicious addons, this option remains off by default. Here is how you can quickly turn it ON:

#1: Launch Kodi

#2: On the home screen, click the cog icon on the upper-right to open Settings

how to install skydark kodi build

#3: Select and open System settings

kodi skydark build

#4: Select the Add-ons option. It is on the left menu.

Now, if the Unknown Sources is disabled or OFF, turn it ON

skydark kodi build

#5: Kodi will warn you of the risks associated with keeping this option enabled. There is nothing to worry about with SkyDark. It is totally safe as of this writing. Go ahead and click Yes

Note: You may want to disable this option when SkyDark Kodi build is installed

install skydark build on kodi

You are ready to install the SkyDark build.

Follow the steps below and install the SkyDark Kodi build:

#1: Click Settings on the home-screen of Kodi

skydark build

#2: Open File manager

skydark build on kodi

#3: You should see Add source on both sides of the next screen. Click any one of them and go to the next step.

skydark kodi

#4: When you see this window, click

skydark build kodi

#5: Enter the following path in the marked field and click OK:

how to get skydark build on kodi

#6: Type the name of the path that you provided in the previous step. Choose any name of your liking, just make it identifiable with the source. For instance, you may enter SkyDark as I have done

Click OK

kodi skydark build

So far, you have successfully added the source from which we will eventually install the SkyDark Kodi build. Let’s first install the Skydark Repository

#7: Go back to the home-screen of Kodi

#8: Click Addons

kodi skydark build

#9: Click Package Installer

Note: It is the open-box icon in the upper-left corner

skydark build for kodi

#10: Open Install from zip file

kodi skydark build

#11: Click SkyDark or the name you entered earlier

how to install skydark kodi build

#12: Click

Note: The version number of this file while I write this guide is 7.1.3. Should you see any other version number, still click the file. Version numbers change when the file is updated/upgraded

how to load skydark build on kodi

#13: Wait for the alert confirming SkyDark Repository Add-on installed

kodi skydark build

And, you have installed the SkyDark Repository. Now, let’s use this repository to install the SkyDark Wizard

#14: Open the option Install from repository

skydark kodi build

#15: Click SkyDark Repository

skydark repository

#16: Open Program add-ons

kodi program addons

#17: Click Skydark Wizard

skydark wizard

#18: Click Install

skydark kodi build

#19: Wait for the SkyDark Wizard to install. When you see the Skydark Wizard Add-on installed notification, you are good to go

install skydark build

#20: You must now see three popups generated by the SkyDark Wizard immediately after installation. The first one is the Developer Notes. Click Dismiss

kodi skydark build

#21: The second drop-down displays some settings. Select any settings you want to change. Or, you may leave everything unchanged.

Click Continue

skydark kodi build

#22: The third popup takes you directly to the build menu. You may click Build Menu and skip steps 23 to 27. Click Ignore to know how to go there from the home-screen of Kodi

skydark build on kodi

We have installed the Skydark Wizard. Now we come to the final part where we install the SkyDark build on Kodi. Keep following the steps!

#23: Go back to Kodi home-screen

#24: Click Add-ons

#25: Click Program Add-ons

#26: Click SkyDark Wizard icon to run the Wizard

kodi skydark build

#27: Click (Skydark) Builds

skydark kodi build

#28: Go to the Krypton Builds section and click Skydark

kodi skydark build

#29: Click Fresh Install

Choosing this option will erase all your existing data on Kodi and bring it back to the default factory settings. This is the recommended option. Builds installed on fresh Kodi perform better.


#30: Kodi will now want to confirm if you wish to restore Kodi configuration to default settings.

Click Continue

install SkyDark build on kodi

#31: Now wait for the Skydark Kodi build to download and install. Build installation usually takes several minutes depending upon the internet speed and hardware specs of the device. Usually, you should have the build ready to use in 4-5 minutes. Skydark is nearly 309 MB in size, but when it installs in unpacks nearly 485 MB data.

download SkyDark build

#32: When the build is finally installed, click the Force Close button

how to install skydark build on kodi

Well, that will be all! You have successfully installed the SkyDark Build on Kodi.

Attention: Kodi Builds bring unlimited streaming content, but could also get you in a legal trouble. Kodi users must use a VPN to hide their identity while streaming movies / TV Shows / Sports. Moreover, many popular Addons are geo-blocked and will require a VPN to work.

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SkyDark Kodi Build: A Quick Rundown

Now that you have installed the build, you would want to explore it. Let me help you get started.

Following is the home-screen of Kodi SkyDark build. The build has a unique design and that’s the first thing that impressed me. The interface is clean, legible and delightful to look at. The visuals are devoid of any clutters and unnecessary, flashy graphics.

how to use SkyDark build on kodi

The home-screen features the following media categories:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Music

how to use SkyDark kodi build

If you like watching on-demand movies and shows, there are lots of cool addons for you like Monster Munch, Corona, Redemption, The Magic Dragon, Deceit and more.

Sports section also looks promising with SportsDevil, Supremacy Sports, and Wrestle Maniac.

The build surprisingly has a solid selection of addons for Kids. It has Kiddo, HootLoop V2, ToonMania2 addons for hours of video streaming.

Live TV is the area where SkyDark stumbles. However, it’s not as much on the build as on the inability of the addon developers to maintain live TV addons. Most Live TV addons here barely fetch any content. You could try Deceit, which has a decent selection and many streams work.

Winding Up

While SkyDark may not be the best Kodi build, it has enough merits to earn its keep in our Best Kodi Builds list. It has some of the best addons for movies and shows. There is plenty for the kids too. SkyDark is lightweight and smooth. Give it a try.

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