How to Install Sportowa TV Addon on Kodi / FireStick [Step-by-Step]

This post will guide you through the installation process of Sportowa TV Addon on Kodi. The detailed instructions provided here work on all the Kodi devices such as Computers, FireStick, Mobiles, Raspberry Pi and more.

It is being said that Sportowa TV is a fork of the very popular SportsDevil addon. I am not entirely sure though. However, Sportowa TV does look like a decent option to watch sports content, especially since the performance of SportsDevil is only declining by the day.

Sportowa TV does not have an as diverse line up of streaming categories as SportsDevil. But, it still has plenty of meat for those who like to stream sports on Kodi. A lot of streaming links worked while I tested this addon. There were some that did not stream though. Give it a try. You might even like it.

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Steps to Install Sportowa TV Kodi Addon

We will go through the installation steps later. First, there is an essential task we must take care of. We are going to authorize Kodi to install the Sportowa Kodi addon. If this is not done, the addon won’t install. Here is what you need to do:

Enable Unknown Sources

1- The main screen of Kodi app has a cog symbol/icon in the top-left corner. Click it to open Settings

how to install sportowa tv kodi addon

2- Now go ahead and open System (if you use Kodi 18.2)

Kodi 17.6 users click System settings

sportowa tv addon on kodi

3- On the window that follows, navigate to Add-ons and select it (on the left menu)

sportowa tv addon for kodi

4- Go to the right section and click Unknown Sources

The idea is to turn it ON. In case it is already ON, no action will be needed

sportowa tv addon for kodi

5- You should now see this prompt on your screen. Feel free to click Yes and dismiss this message. Sportowa Kodi addon is absolutely safe.

kodi sportowa tv

You have successfully set up Kodi to install the Sportowa addon. Let’s get started with the installation process.

Addon Installation Steps

Now we are going to install the Sportowa addon on Kodi. The installation process should take 3-4 minutes. Here are the steps:

1- We will go to the Kodi Settings again

how to install sportowa tv kodi addon

2- From these options, we click File manager

how to install sportowa tv kodi addon

3- As you could see on the window that appears next, there are two Add source options. One on the left, other on the right

Click any one of them

sportowa tv kodi

4- Now this small window will be displayed. You need to click where you see

sportowa addon for kodi

5- This is the window where we provide the URL to the source from where the Sportowa Kodi addon will be downloaded. Type it carefully:

Check the URL again to make sure it is exactly as I have provided

Click OK

download sportowa tv kodi addon

6- Click the Enter the name for this media source section when you return to this screen next

You are free to type any name of your choice

I am going with blomqvist, which is auto-populated

Click OK

sportowa tv addon on kodi

7- Now we head back to the main window of Kodi

If you have upgraded to Kodi 18.2 (or have any other Kodi 18 version), click Settings again (first image)

If you are still on Kodi 17.6 click Add-ons (second image)

how to install sportowa tv addon

kodi sportowa tv

8- Kodi 18.2 users now click Add-ons (first image)

Kodi 17.6 users click the open-box symbol in the top-left corner of the next window (second image)

sportowa tv

how to install sportowa tv kodi addon

9- We are now going to click Install from zip file

sportowa tv addon

10- You should see the source name you provided in Step 6. Go ahead and click it

It’s blomqvist in our case

sportowa addon for kodi

11- Now open the zip file

kodi addon sportowa tv

12- Wait for a few seconds for the mbebe repository to install (until the following notification is displayed: mbebe Add-on installed)

how to install sportowa sports kodi addon

13- Now you can click Install from repository

sportowa addon for kodi

14- Open mbebe, the repository you just installed

sportowa tv addon

15- Click Video add-ons

sportowa addon download

16- The addons are listed alphabetically. Scroll down and click Sportowa TV

steps to install sportowa tv addon on kodi

17- Click Install

kodi sportowa tv addon

18- This step is only for Kodi 18 Leia users. Click OK when this ‘additional add-ons’ popup window pops up

how to install sportowa tv kodi addon

19- Sportowa TV Kodi addon will now install. It should not take more than two minutes. However, it also depends on how fast your internet connection is and the device you are using Kodi on

Sportowa TV Add-on installed notification will appear

sportowa addon for kodi

So, this is how you will install the Sportowa TV addon on Kodi.

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I would like to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, Sports) might get you into legal trouble.

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connect expressvpn for kodi

How to use Sportowa TV Kodi addon: A Quick overview

You may now go back to the main window of Kodi from where you can access Sportowa TV addon by selecting Add-ons option in the left sidebar menu. You will find the Sportowa TV icon in the Video add-ons section. Alternatively, you may click Add-ons instead of selecting it and then select Video-addons on the following window.

how to use sportowa tv kodi addon

When you open the Sportowa TV Kodi addon for the first time, you might be prompted to install an additional addon. Go ahead and click Yes to install it

how to install and use sportowa tv kodi addon

The main window of Sportowa TV addon looks like this:

set up sportowa tv addon on kodi

As I write, there are 7 categories you may explore for sports content: Sports 365 Live, Live Looker,, TVP Sport, Crickfree, Strims World, Live Channels.

You may find more nested categories within each category.

What you now simply need to do is pick the category you want to stream with and start watching your favorite sports videos.


I kept an eye on Sportowa TV Kodi addon for a couple of days before giving it my final say. I like this addon because it gives me decent streaming choices. It covers a wide range of sports including Football (both American and European), Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Billard, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and more.

The addon also streams live sports. Thankfully, it lines up the upcoming live streams well ahead of their broadcast. However, I don’t find Sportowa Kodi addon completely reliable. A lot of links start streaming quickly, but there are many that won’t stream at all. There are some empty categories as well. Or, you could say that the addon is not consistent. There are times when it works really great and at others, it is a bit annoying. You may still want to give it a try.


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