How to Install Tempest Addon on Kodi / FireStick / Android TV


This tutorial provides detailed instructions to install Tempest addon on Kodi 18 and Kodi 17.6. The installation instructions are applicable to all the Kodi devices including your Amazon FireStick, Android TV box, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows, Mac and more.

Tempest is a Kodi addon that lets you watch Movies and TV Shows. Looks like it is based on the once very popular Covenant addon. I say that because both share the same layout, categories, and subcategories. However, while Covenant is not supported by its developers any longer, Tempest is regularly updated and maintained. It is now a part of our Best Kodi Addons list too.

You will find a huge collection of video content, both latest and old. The video library keeps getting bigger with the new releases. Tempest fetches multiple streams for the requested video and almost all the streams work. You may even see some free 1080p links. However, to exploit the full potential, you will want to use it with Real-Debrid. You can also sync your watchlist and viewing history by pairing your Trakt account.

Tempest is a good addon with a lot to explore. I recommend you to give it a try.

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How to Install Tempest Kodi Addon

Tempest Kodi addon takes only a couple of minutes to install. However, you must first set up your Kodi to allow its installation. That you can do by following the steps below:

#1. Launch Kodi app. Next, click the gear icon on the top-left and open the Kodi Settings

how to install tempest kodi addon

#2. Open System if you use Kodi 18 Leia. If you have Kodi 17.6, click System settings instead

steps to install tempest addon on kodi

#3. Select Add-ons option and if Unknown Sources is disabled, turn it ON

tempest kodi addon guide

#4. Next, click Yes when you see the following warning. Don’t worry about it. Tempest Kodi addon is safe

tempest on kodi

You have set up Kodi to install any third-party addon including Tempest. We will get started now.

Tempest Addon: Installation Steps

Here are the steps to install Tempest addon on Kodi:

#1. Click Settings on the home-screen of Kodi again

install tempest kodi addon

#2. Choose File manager

install tempest addon on kodi

#3. Click and open Add source on the next window

tempest kodi addon

#4. Click the spot on the next window where you see

kodi tempest addon

#5. Enter the source link on the next screen exactly as I have provided
Click OK

tempest kodi addon

#6. Highlight the text box that says Enter a name for this media source. In this box, type the name of the source, which could be anything you like. Say, I choose tempest

Click OK when your screen looks like the following image

tempest addon

Up until this point, you supplied Kodi with the source link. Now we use this link to install the Tempest Repo

#7. Press back repeatedly until you are back to the home-screen of Kodi
Click Add-ons option on the left

tempest kodi guide

#8. On the top-left of the screen, you will see an open-box button/icon. It is Package installer. Click it

kodi tempest

#9. Select Install from zip file next

tempest kodi addon

#10. Go ahead and click tempest or the name you typed in when you added the source

download tempest kodi addon

#11. Click the file that you see on the next screen.
When I was writing this guide, the version number of this file was 0.0.3. If it has changed, click it anyway.

install tempest addon on kodi

#12. Now, wait for the Tempest Repo to install. You will see the installation confirmation sliding out from the top-right

tempest addon for kodi

Tempest Repo has been installed. We will now install the Tempest Kodi addon from the repo

#13. On the same window, click Install from repository

kodi tempest addon

#14. Open Tempest Repo

tempest kodi setup

#15. Click Video add-ons

tempest repository kodi

#16. Open Tempest

install tempest addon on kodi

#17. Click Install button (on the bottom-right)

how to install tempest kodi addon

#18. If you have Kodi 18, click OK when the following prompt is displayed. Kodi 17.6 users will not see this prompt

how to get tempest kodi addon

#19. Wait for the notification Tempest Add-on installed to be displayed on the top-right of the screen. This confirms that Tempest addon has been successfully installed on Kodi

tempest addon on kodi

The Tempest Addon is successfully installed on your device.

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connect expressvpn for kodi

Overview of Tempest Kodi Addon

To access Tempest, you will want to go to Add-ons > Video add-ons from the Kodi home-screen. You can click the addon icon within the Video add-ons section

how to use tempest addon on kodi

It doesn’t take any doing getting started with this addon. Tempest looks a lot like Covenant addon in layout and hence it is safe to assume that it might be a fork.

how to install tempest kodi addon

It includes the regular categories on the main-screen such as Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Settings etc.

My Movies and My TV Shows keep a log of your viewing history. For that, you must be signed in to the addon with your Trakt account.

To authenticate your Trakt details, go to Settings > Accounts from the main-screen of Tempest. Make sure the Accounts tab is selected on the addon Settings window that opens next. Click Authorization in the Trakt section and sign in with your Trakt credentials.

guide to install tempest addon on kodi

Unlike its predecessor Covenant, Tempest is fetching multiple free streams from various sources on the internet. On occasions, I have also noticed 4K streams. However, 4K and 1080p links are not always guaranteed. If you want more such high-resolution streams, you can sign in with your Real-Debrid account.  By doing so, you will gain access to several premium streams in up to 4K resolution.

If you like subtitles with your playback, you can get it easily on Tempest. Follow our guide on how to install and use subtitles with Kodi addons.

Tempest is a pretty straightforward addon. You can get started with it now. Feel free to share your thoughts about this addon through the comments section below.


Let’s get to the point first! Tempest is an addon for Movies and TV Shows and it lets you watch them without any fuss. This simple, but highly functional addon has an impressive line-up of content. There is thousands of hours of entertainment for your viewing pleasures. The most important thing is that Tempest Kodi addon scrapes multiple streams from many sources. It works fast. It fetches the links quickly and takes no time to start streaming. The navigation is also quite fast. If you are looking for an addon that lets you watch movies and shows in high-quality and without any frills, go for Tempest.

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