How to Install The Joker Builds on Kodi / FireStick [2019]

how to install the joker builds on kodi

In this guide, I will show you how to install the Joker Builds on Kodi. These builds work on all the devices including FireStick & Fire TV, Android TV Boxes & Smart TVs, Windows, Mac, & Linux, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Joker Wizard Builds are relatively new. However, the Wizard has some decent builds you would want to try. It also has the lightweight builds for low-spec/low-RAM devices as well.

You will find several popular Kodi addons with the Joker Kodi builds. This will get you streaming instantly.

I have tested and used the Joker builds and find them worthy enough to be part of our list of the best builds for Kodi.

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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How to Install the Joker Builds on Kodi

When you are installing a third-party Kodi build, you must first allow the downloads from unknown sources. For that, a small change in the Kodi security settings needs to be made. So, here are the steps to follow before we get to the installation steps for the build:

1: Open the Kodi application

This is the home screen. Click the option Settings

It is the gear icon in the top-left corner

how to install the joker builds on kodi

2: Now, this window will appear

Select and click System

how to install the joker kodi builds

3: You may now choose the option Add-ons in the left menu

download the joker kodi build

4: The related options appear on the right side

Click Unknown Sources and turn it ON if you find that it is OFF

kodi unknown sources settings

5: To confirm that you wish to keep the Unknown Sources turned on, click Yes on the following prompt

enable unknown sources on kodi app

You can now get started with the installation of Joker Builds on Kodi.

Installation Steps for Joker Builds

Follow the steps below and install the builds:

1: Open the Kodi Settings one more time from the home screen by clicking the gear icon

kodi settings

2: Within the Kodi Settings, go ahead and click the option File manager

joker kodi builds

3: This is the window that you see now

Click the option Add source on either side of the window

install the joker kodi builds

5: This is the popup window that should appear on your Kodi screen now

Click where you can see the option

how to install the joker builds on kodi

6: On this window, type the source URL

Type the URL carefully and correctly or else the build won’t install

Click OK when you are ready

fractured repo for joker build

7: You should now return to this popup window

Now, highlight the section where it asks you to enter the source name

You may choose any name you wish to identify this source with later

I am keeping the default name fracturedrepo

Click OK

adding fractured repository to kodi

8: Go back to the Settings window again

Press the back button once or navigate from the Kodi home screen

Click Add-ons

addons settings

9: Open the menu option Install from zip file

install joker wizard repository from zip file

10: The following window will pop up. Here, you can see the source name that you added earlier. Click the name

It is fracturedrepo for this guide

install the joker kodi builds repository

11: Click the zip file on the following window

Note: The file version number on your screen might be different from the image below

how to install the joker builds

12: The repository will now install. It should not take more than a minute

You will see the notification saying Fracture Repo Add-on installed in the upper-right corner

download the joker build

13: On the same screen, now click the option Install from repository

install the joker kodi builds wizard from fractured repository

14: You will find the Fracture Repo that you just installed

Go ahead and click it

steps to install joker builds from fracture repo

15: Choose the option Program add-ons

program addons

16: Next, open Joker Wizard

open joker wizard

17: Click the Install button on the next window

steps to install joker wizard on kodi

18: Wait for the Joker Wizard to install. It may take a minute or a bit more

Again, you will see the notification in the upper-right corner saying Joker Wizard Add-on installed

install the joker kodi builds

19: Moments after the installation of the Wizard, this popup is displayed

Click Dismiss or just press the back button

joker kodi builds

20: Another popup is displayed

Click Continue or just press the back button

kodi joker build

21: Press the back button again when you see this popup window

how to install the joker builds

22: We will now go back to the home screen of Kodi. Keep pressing the back button repeatedly until you get there

From the home screen, navigate to Add-ons > Program add-ons

Open the Joker Wizard

download kodi joker builds

23: This is how the interface of the Joker Wizard looks like

Click Builds button in the upper-left corner

steps to install joker builds on kodi

24: You should see the list of the Joker Kodi builds on the left. Click the build you wish to install

I am using The Bio-Hazard build for demonstration purposes. If this build is not available, you may choose any other build

joker kodi builds

25: On the right, select and click Fresh Install

By clicking this option, you will erase any existing data on Kodi and install the build fresh.

You may also choose the Install option, but it may cause problems later

fresh install

26: Click Yes when this prompt is displayed asking if you wish to erase existing data before installing the build

joker buid wizard warning for installation

27: Within moments, the Joker Wizard will start installing the Joker Builds

This is going to take a few minutes depending upon your network connection (and even your location)


download the joker kodi builds file from server

28: When the build has downloaded, it will install

This again takes some time

joker build downloading

29: When the Joker Kodi build has eventually installed, this prompt appears asking you to click OK to force close Kodi

Click OK

install the joker kodi builds

That will be it. The Joker build you installed will get activated when you open the Kodi app the next time.

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I would like to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, Sports) might get you into legal trouble.

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connect expressvpn for kodi

Overview of the Joker Kodi Build

We have installed The Bio-Hazard build. So, that’s the build we are going to look at. The other Joker builds are fundamentally the same with some differences in the interface and the Kodi addons they come with.

To use the build after the installation, run the Kodi app. You will notice that the build carries out some updates when you open it the first time. Allow it a few minutes to finish the updates. This will make sure the build runs smoothly.

Here is the user interface of Kodi with the Bio-Hazard Joker build:

how to use joker builds on kodi

As you can see, Bio Hazard is a minimal and lightweight build. Therefore, it works great on all the devices, including FireStick, which has moderate specs.

You can get started with the build by choosing the desired menu options. Here are the menu items you can use for streaming purposes:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Live TV
  • Music

Besides the above, here are some of the utility menu items:

The build also has a submenu underneath the main menu. The submenu displays the options based on the menu item you have selected. For example, when you choose Movies, the following submenu options are displayed:

  • Reviews and Trailers
  • Most Popular
  • Genres
  • Year
  • Search

The build does not display any suggested content or the addons on the home screen. If you are looking to browse the content by add-ons, select System in the main menu and click Add-on Browser in the submenu. Now, navigate to My add-ons > Video add-ons

Here is the list of the addons that come preinstalled with this Joker Kodi build:

set up the joker kodi build

DeathStar, Numbers, Fen, The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, are some of the popular addons with this build.

Wrapping Up

Joker Builds are not very popular at this time but the Wizard hosts some decent Kodi builds. If you have been using the old Kodi builds, you may find some of these builds refreshing. You can install the Joker Kodi builds quite easily from the Joker Wizard. These builds come with many preinstalled add-ons too. Worth a try!


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