How to Install Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon Quickly (2018)

How to Install Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon Quickly (2018)

In this guide, you will learn to install the Wumpa Fruit addon on Kodi. You can use the instructions in the guide to install this addon on Amazon FireStick, Android Devices, PC, Mac or any other Kodi compatible platform.

Wumpa Fruit is one of the newer on-demand Kodi addons. There is a possibility you may have not heard about it yet. I ran into Wumpa Fruit only recently and after using it for a substantial amount of time, I decided it cannot be brushed aside. In fact, I liked it quite a bit and felt it must be shared with you. So, here I am with this detailed, step by step guide.

Wumpa Fruit has an impressive library of video media allowing you to stream your favorite movies and shows in just a few clicks. What I like even more is that it fetches the healthiest streams and affords quick and quality playback. Even though it is much like the other mainstream Kodi addons, there is a whiff of freshness around it. Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon has some exciting new categories, like top IMDb and top TMDB. I have this feeling that it will soon be more mainstream and popular.

For now, let’s see how we can install Wumpa Fruit on Kodi. Keep reading!

Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon: Installation Instructions

Addon installation usually involves multiple steps and it may get a little complicated. With the screenshots I have added, it must get easier. To simplify it even further, I have broken down the steps in three different parts as follows:

  • Part 1: Turn ON/Enable the Unknown Sources
  • Part 2: Install Bandicoot Builds Repository
  • Part 3: Install Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon From Bandicoot Builds Repository

Without much ado, let’s get started.

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Part 1: Switch ON the Unknown Sources

This is a preliminary part wherein you will configure the Kodi settings to allow the third-party addons like Wumpa Fruit. The default security feature of Kodi is designed to discourage the users from installing such addons. But, the risks are associated only with the unknown, untested addons. I have personally tested and used Wumpa Fruit and vouch for its credibility and safety.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Open the Kodi application and then while on the home-screen click the gear/cog icon on the top-left to open Settings

how to install wumpa fruit kodi addon

2) Next, open the option System settings on the following window

wumpa fruit addon on kodi

3) On the left sidebar select Add-ons.

The right part of the window will show new options along with Unknown Sources. Go ahead and drag the switch and turn it ON.

kodi wumpa fruit addon

4) A warning message must now appear on the screen. Just ignore it and click Yes.

wumpa fruit addon kodi

The Kodi security configuration is complete. You are now all set to install the Wumpa Fruit addon on Kodi.

Part 2: Install Bandicoot Builds Repository

A repository is a collection of a variety of addons and Bandicoot is the one that hosts Wumpa Fruit. So, let us first install this repository. Steps are given below:

1) Open the Kodi Settings from the Kodi home-screen and click File Manager

file manager

2) Open the option Add-source

kodi source settings

3) When the next window pops up, click

wumpa fruit repo

4) Enter the following path in the source field on the next window:

Type in the link carefully as even a single typo will prevent you from installing the repository and hence the Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon.

Click OK

download wumpa fruit kodi addon repo

5) When you are back on this window, enter coots in the field where it asks you to type the name for the media source.

Please note that you can enter any name of your liking with which you wish to identify this source. I am just keeping it relevant and hence coots.

Click OK

how to get wumpa fruit kodi addon

6) Return to the Kodi home-screen where you need to open Add-ons from the set of options on the left

addons setting

7) On the top-left of the screen is the Package Installer option. The one that resembles an open box (or probably the Dropbox icon). Click it!

addon installer

8) Click Install from zip file

install kodi addons

9) Click the name you entered (coots in my case)

select repo source for kodi addon

10) Click

Note: 1.8.1 is the version number of this zip file while writing this guide. If you see any other number it means that repository has been updated. Go ahead and click this zip file with the new version number.

install kodi wumpa fruit addon

11) Wait until you see the Bandicoot Builds Repository installation notification on the top-right

wumpa fruit addon repository

You have successfully installed the Bandicoot Builds Repository on Kodi. Let’s install the Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon now.

Part 3: Install Wumpa Fruit Kodi Addon

Here are the steps:

1) You may continue from Step 11 in Part 2 and click Install from repository. But, if you are not on the same window, go back to Kodi home-screen, click Addons on the left, click Package Installer (open box) icon on the top-left, and click Install from repository.

how to add wumpa fruit addon on kodi

2) Now, click Bandicoot Builds Repository

wumpa fruit addon

3) Open Video add-ons

wumpa fruit kodi

4) Click Wumpa Fruit

wumpa fruit on kodi

5) Click Install

how to install wumpa fruit kodi addon

6) Wait for a minute and you will see the notification pop on the top-left saying Wumpa Fruit Add-on installed

install kodi wumpa fruit addon

Well, this is how you install Wumpa Fruit addon on Kodi.

Attention: Kodi Addons bring unlimited streaming content, but could also get you in a legal trouble. Kodi users must use a VPN to hide their identity while streaming movies / TV Shows / Sports. Moreover, many popular Addons are geo-blocked and will require a VPN to work.

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Wumpa Fruit: Inside Look

Wumpa Fruit is not just another on-demand addon. It’s better than the most. And it has this fresh appeal to it.

Here is how you can open this addon:

  • Click Add-ons on Kodi home-screen
  • Click Video addons
  • Click Wumpa Fruit addon icon

how to use wumpa fruit addon

The main-screen of Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon features top two categories for Movies and TV Shows. There are other categories too such as Box Sets, Kids Box Sets, Features Collections, Concerts and more. You can authorize and sync your Trakt account right off the main-screen. In fact, it also has the option to authorize Real Debrid account on the main screen (not seen in the image below. You will need to scroll down a little).

navigate through wumpa fruit addon

When you open the Movies categories, you find more subcategories. But the way Kodi Wumpa Fruit addon is subcategorized is a bit different from the other addons. It has specials from the top TMDB and IMDB. For instance, you can browse the top 250 IMDb movies. If you are a comic cinematic universe fan, there are special categories for DC Movies and Marvel Movies.

how to watch movies with wumpa fruit kodi addon

When you open the TV Shows category, besides the regular categories, Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon also lets you find your favorite shows and episodes by TV Network. That’s something I haven’t seen before. It’s good. I just need to go in there, pick the network and start streaming the show. It has all the top-rated TV Networks, even the premium ones.

Wumpa Fruit usually fetches only the quality, working streams. Just go ahead and give it a try. I am confident you will love it.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we learned to install Wumpa Fruit Kodi addon from the Bandicoot Builds Repository. All you got to do is follow each step in the right order as laid out and you will have Wumpa Fruit running on your Kodi in no time. After having used the mainstream Kodi addons for such long, Wumpa Fruit came along my way as a delightful change. As I have already said, I have a feeling it will be a popular addon and very soon.


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