Semper Media Center (SPMC in short) working for Wizards



SPMC working for Wizards


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SPMC is a fork of KODI and mainly targeted around android users. Semper Media Center (SPMC in short) seemed to respond smoother in Android Boxes then KODI did.

After trying it out with NVIDIA Shield, I did notice a speed difference in usage, was worried at this point if the wizard for KODI would work for SPMC, not known if the file structure/ background images or the Special urls would be taken easily with a new wizard/build install on top of SPMC.

I wanted to try first installing my wizard, to my suprise this worked even smoother in SPMC. There was a slight smooth sensation that was felt in SPMC, it was enough for me to say that SPMC was faster to be used. According to SPMC developer Koying, SPMC Loves Nvidia shield among others

As far as I'm concerned, Nvidia Shield has basically cornered the market, so is my main development device. More generally, Android TV devices, amlogic devices and Amazon FireTV might be getting some love 😉

By Koying


Ran multiple Addons such as Specto/Ecodus/RlSeries/ IPTV PVR Simple Client and Husham IPTV, to test if they would work for SPMC ok. The results was no noticeable difference.

For now I installed on my NVidia Shield KODI 16.0 and SPMC 16.1, Just not going to run both at the same time.

The installation was very simple, Used Google Play store to download ES File Explorer, Browsed SPMC from ES File Explorer and download/installed SPMC. Didn't even need to do allot of work on this front at all.

You can also Download ES File Explorer APK on its own and transfer it to your box.

I will be uploading a video soon to give you more guide on how to do this

The Video Guide Link

Hope this helps you 🙂




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  1. I appreciate that you took the time to write up an article instead of, or in addition to, a video. Just personal preference, but I’d rather read a descriptive review. Thank you.

  2. Will his spmc work on Zidoo X6 Pro? The official Kodi 16.0 will not. Zidoo has it own version of ZDMC 16.0. It shows a resolution of 2160 on the info page while the official Kodi version shows 1080. Zidoo claims they have true HD where Kodi official version does not. I know you recently tested this model but did not mention this.

  3. Are you going to do videos on Android boxes? I see you prefer windows. I think most viewers are broke and running cheap Android boxes. Just a thought.

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