Husham KODI wizard updated to 0.8.8a


Husham KODI wizard updated to 0.8.8a

Updated bug fixes and some reported background issues

Also updated some of the latest add-ons and changed some of the favorite.

Updated the weather to work with London again .. you can still modify that and change it.


The below guide is still ok to use

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  1. Hi Husham,

    Thanks for all the help, brilliant add ons.

    I´ve started from cero now but as before anything related to p2p, plexus, acestream to watch football doesn´t work, it loads the 40 secs and then it failed, it says torrent not available or invalid or acestream can´t play.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Ive just installed kodi and the wizard. All new to this so could anyone point me towards best bit for watching movies, live football and boxing please

  3. Hi husham really gud work been a fan 4 a long thim now so keep it up pal. But after updating 2 kodi 16jarvis & your new wizard with the 25add-ons vidos along the bottem.Eveytime i turn my android box off thay all go back to the way that you had set them.Please can you help me out in anyway thank you

      • Thank you for getting bk to me husham it really gud that you do that keep it up my friend loving the work.Was just looking to change my setup from the 0.8.8a fully loaded to 0.9.02. If i did would have to take the older 1 of first then put the new 1 on just i have got it all setup nice & all the add-ons i wish 2 have. Or is there a way i can do it without losing it all hope that you can help me with this

  4. Hi husham really gud work , i need some help . i need M3U List of Arabic and american channels for ip tv please .

  5. Did every step you have advised and still can’t get the wizard to unzip using kodi Jarvis I have cleared data and hit exit button etc. Still same results won’t extract please help

  6. Hi Husham .. Big fan of your stuff , you’re doing an amazing Job!!
    I am having a little problem with India Pak ; it’s not working .. Any advice?

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