Husham Wizard updated to for KODI 16 Jarvis


Husham Wizard updated to for KODI 16 Jarvis


If you are installing Jarvis and wanted to use the Husham wizard you would have noticed that version 8.8.8a had few addons and skin issue as well. This was really annoying as some of the dependencies was updated recently.

The wizard is now updated to 0.9.01 to make it work for Jarvis KODI 16.

The skin had to be modified but since I couldn't get HIGHWAY to update the skin for 15 or 16. I made the changes my self to the skin and renamed the skin ID to allow it to be installed in Jarvis but not mess around with KODI 15 and below.

The wizard can be downloaded now to version 0.9.01 and will most likely work for KODI 15 but I recommend you upgrade to kodi 16 if you want to use the new version.




Enjoy the latest update guys

Husham Memar

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  1. Hi there, iv tried adding the husham wizard with kodi Jarvis. It downloads ok but when it’s extracting it only gets to 30 to 40 % complete when the message comes up to force close.
    Any ideas what the problem could be? It’s the 0.9.01 update.

  2. I have tried installing your 0.9.01 wizard on kodi jarvis. It downloads ok but whilst extracting it only gets to 38% complete when the force close message comes on the screen. Any ideas??

    • The repos should not be empty.
      Ok so lets walk through this again

      If you have kodi 14 or kodi 15
      Clear kodi data and install wizard 0.8

      If you want the 0.9 wizard
      Uninstall kodi and install kodi again from the Playstore to latest kodi 16

  3. Husham, the husham loading splash screen does not display correctly, resolution seems messed up, this is with the latest version.

    Can you fix? It’s more of an annoyance rather than a problem!

  4. Mr Memar my friend i love your Wizard but for some reason will not load in Kodi 16 tried all day long 🙁
    any suggestions ??????? i always follow your youtube tutorials but for some reason having this problem now 🙁

    Thx Husham

  5. How come when I alter the shortcuts in appearance do they go back to the original default shortcuts when my device as been switched off? Many Thanks

    • KODI 16 issue
      You need to press the exit button to all kodi 16 to save the settings
      KODI 16 will not save the settings unless you exit using the exit command safely
      (p.s. This is the worst thing that KODI ever thought off )

  6. Hi Husham,
    I have just recently started a fresh Kodi Jarvis and I used your build (Ty by the way it’s awesome) However it has 3 new buttons beside the “Favorite” and “Power” buttons that I have no clue what they are. I have a screen shot but can’t post it here. 🙁
    Any help is appreciated bud. 🙂

  7. The problem I am having is when I try to change the addons on the home screen, they change back every time I restart my fire stick. It will not let me customise it. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  8. Hi Husham,

    I have got kodi 16 on amazon fire tv stick. I have installed the repo and when I go to Husham Addon wizard 1.0.7 I see husham 0.9.91 (for kodi 16) but when I try to install it I get the error “husham addon wizard error”. can you please help? Thanks

  9. Dear husham

    after install the wizard i try to download 0.9 after finish downloading i get force close massage a press ok but the the kodi not load your wizard it just restart plz need your help

  10. Hi Husham,

    I have sorted it, this was due to a web filter on my isp side which I had to disable.

    sorry for the trouble


  11. Hi Husham, I’m having a small issue running Kodi 16 with your new wizard. I’m using a iMac 5k. When I raise the resolution on Kodi, the mouse slows down and feels heavy. Any ideas what the issue can be? Thanks.

  12. I have an android box and just moved to kodi 16.1 and have been trying to install the new Titanium build and even tried morpheus
    It is downloading fully but is not extracting to 100% and I get back the old blue screen when I oopen Kodi
    I know there is problemn with this when using windows BUT I am not

    • My friend I explained in the guide how you can fix that for windows
      and in Android it worked very well with no effort.

      Lets go thoght this again
      1 – make sure you clear kodi data
      – Android/ settings/ apps/ kodi – Clear Data
      2 – Open KODI and install the wizard
      And voallia ..

      trust me it should work

  13. Husham I tried to install ironlady wizardfrom your app on my apple
    tv but it only shows some f the stuff on it how do I restore it back to the way it was before on my appletv2

    • you will need to run fresh start or clear kodi data
      to be honest that build is a friend of mine and she made it and I am hosting it for her.
      I dont know allot of it. but you can try the other builds like my one husham 0.9.3 or …. thats it … thats all my build lol the other builds I am keeping for others lol

  14. wow it takes too long to download the wizzerd and i have very fast internet connction 250 kbs here in canada its taking a good 30 mins just to dowanload

  15. Hi Husam,
    I have installed the husham wizard on my fire stick and also installed KODI 16.
    All works well apart from the soap catch up addon. When I open the add on nothing
    will play, can you adise what the problem might be.

  16. Husham,
    I followed your tutorial to create my own installation wizard and the plugin is version 1.01 which I downloaded from your website. I get an error running the wizard with Kodi 16.1. Most of the errors point to an issue with the plugin directory. Is there a newer version of the plugin wizard that I should be using with Kodi 16.1? Thanks again.

  17. I know you are no longer updating the wizard, but can you put up the last version of the wizard 0.9.6 back up so that we can still download that version, thanks

  18. Husham Your Wizard are empty…nothing on Source ( been try to find way to tell you that.I even send a email to one of your Sites that You ignored.Imagine my frustration consider that you a master of Wizard and since Highway skin going down…I lost a chance to repair my kodi.Please if you have a new update Wizard just tell Us here it his because on Your Sites what I see his you Live but the Wizard are Out.This his my email ( [email protected]) and I really expect a replay.Thanks

  19. Dear husham,

    I am having the same issue as of last week, the new updated wizard is empty, and now I can not download anything as nothing appears….please help or respond as soon as possible, or fix the issue with the wizard. Thanks.

  20. hi husham

    my name is asser. I understand that you have removed your wizard because of some people hating and going against you with your work but there is people that are realy happy with your work. I am just saying why don’t you just ignore these people and just laugh about it.

    • Hi Asser.
      I make my video guide , Website
      I spend time to help. and for what. People hate, and the people like me dont defend me against the haters.
      I know there is more people that want it but not many that defend me

  21. husham hi

    I think that what you have done is great I always tell people to download your skin as it is the best out there.

    I have not been on here before as I know how to download your software like the back of my hand. Only I have now found your software empty.

    I am sorry that people are not as appreciative with the things that you do these are either haters or companies trying to put people off. I can not speak for everyone but I hope you do rise above this and do what you have always done best.

    If not thanks for all your help in the past and I wish you all the best.

    Husham supporter

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