Ignore BT and Virgin Media! This unmissable broadband deal ends this week

Ignore BT and Virgin Media! This unmissable broadband deal ends this week


We all want faster broadband, but boosting your download speeds isn't exactly cheap. A basic 70Mbps broadband package (the average speed across the UK this year) from the likes of BT, Sky or Virgin Media will usually set you back at least £30 a month.

Start asking for faster speeds and your bank balance will take a serious hit. Sky Broadband's best 500Mbps speed costs £45, while Virgin Media and BT both charge around £60 a month for blisteringly quick 1Gbps technology. Ouch!

Fortunately, there is now a way of getting both ultra-fast broadband and cheaper pricing with Hyperotic launching one of the best deals we've seen in a while. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has just celebrated 10 years of supplying the web to UK homes and, to mark the occasion, is offering its speedy 1Gbps connection for just £20 per month.

That's a saving of £40 off the usual price.

If you weren't already aware, gigabit broadband allows you to download a feature-length film in High Definition in just 40 seconds. For comparison, that same film will takes over 10 minutes via a 70Mbps connection.

Things get even better if you own a PS5 or Xbox Series X, with a 50GB game taking just 7 minutes to whizz to the console – that same title would take almost two hours via that 70Mbps speed.

The Hyperoptic deal lasts for a full 24 months so you'll get that low price for two years before needing to switch contracts.

Of course, like most things in life, there is a catch as Hyperoptic's cables aren't in every street across the UK. The firm has now boosted things to over 50 towns and cities but sadly not everyone will have access to this deal.


If you do have Hyperoptic in your area, then you'll need to be quick to take full advantage – the deal ends on October 20.

Even if you already use Hyperoptic there's still some good news with the firm saying its existing customers can win a 1Gb broadband-only package – free for ten years – via a competition running on ___ and Facebook.

Speaking about the huge price cut, Dana Tobak, CEO, Hyperoptic: “Today marks a huge milestone in Hyperoptic’s history. Back in 2011, the notion of ‘gigabit broadband’ sounded very futuristic. The market was ripe for disruption, but we were competing as a start-up against some industry giants whose existing technology was not compatible with the delivery of next generation broadband, and who didn’t want to cannibalise their customer base.

“The success of Hyperoptic is down to the support of our incredible clients and customers, who have always been our biggest advocates. We couldn’t be more excited for the next ten years and delivering on our ambitious growth plans, where we continue to scale our network and set the best practice example for our industry.”


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