Internet Smart Remote: Samsung

To use the application, first of all, please turn on your TV for a little while (around 5 seconds) and make sure your iPhone/iPad are connected the same network with your TV

For the first use, touch on the Setting button on the top left conner to find your TV. Select your TV on the search list and it automatically connect. Next time, you don't need to search your TV again. The application remember your TV and auto connect after that.

The app has more function than a traditional remote along with the TV. To show more button, simply click on the “More” button on the main screen. These functions will show you via a pop over.

To hide pop over, simply touch outside the pop over to return the main screen.

Main functions:
– All functions of a remote TV
– Adapt to multiple version of Samsung. Switching control between TV if you have more than 1 TV
– Auto remember the TV and auto connect for the next time

By Bui Van Phuoc

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