iOS User’s Guide: The Definition Of Jailbreaking And The Pros It Has

iOS User’s Guide: The Definition Of Jailbreaking And The Pros It Has

Have you ever wondered how some users manage to change the appearance of their iOS device’s interface? Or, maybe, how someone can run an app that is not available in the App Store? These and many other exciting features are not available by default. However, with the help of a simple hack, you can unlock these features on your iPhone!

This hack is called jailbreaking. What is it? How does it actually work? And, finally, what benefits can it give you? In this article, we will guide you through this matter!

What Does It Mean To Jailbreak A Device?

Before we can move on to the perks of installing Jailbreak on iOS 12, let’s define what is jailbreaking itself.

In simple words, jailbreaking stands for freeing a device from all the limitations imposed on it by a carrier or manufacturer. Thus, after you do this to your phone, it can perform previously impossible tasks. At the root of the process is a simple sequence of actions that implies transferring specific instructions to an iPhone with the help of special computer software. These instructions break the system, allowing you to modify it.

How does it work? The idea is to access the very root of the operating system that runs on your device and cancel the device’s dependence on Apple. In its turn, this makes it possible to upload applications from other sources, not just the App Store. In addition, accessing the core of iOS allows you to change the interface and appearance of icons, home screen, menus, etc. Finally, this process cancels the phone’s dependence on a specific mobile network, which makes it possible to use an iPhone with any carrier.

Top Reasons To Jailbreak Your Device

So, now you know what does it mean to jailbreak an iPhone. You also know that doing so allows you to download applications from unauthorized sources. However, uploading third-party apps don’t feel like a really impressive advantage, right? Then take a look at the top reasons that justify interfering in the system:

  1. Traveling

If you have bought an iPhone from a carrier, the chances are that it is tied to this specific mobile network. What does this mean? This basically means that it will only work with this particular career and only within the borders of your country. Of course, unless you are ready to pay ridiculously huge roaming bills. Luckily, jailbreak can change that!

  1. Google Voice

Yes, we said that downloading third party apps doesn’t seem to justify jailbreaking, but not if we are talking about Google Voice! This is a great application that allows sending free text messages, set up voicemail, and make cheap international calls. Sounds like a great tool for a modern user, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Apple has banned this application. Thus, the only way to get it is by jailbreaking your iPhone.

  1. Tethering

If you are looking for a possibility to set up tethering, you might face lots of troubles here, especially if you are an AT&T customer. Luckily, third-party sources offer special apps for tethering, which you can use if you hack the system!

  1. Unlock more privileges of using 4G

Most mobile carriers have special tariff plans that offer unlimited cellular data network use. However, in a matter of fact, none of us actually gets to use unlimited 4G. This happens because smartphone’s manufacturers and, namely, Apple, put restrictions on different applications, not letting them function without a Wi-Fi connection. This can be rather frustrating in certain situations. However, jailbreaking can come in handy here!

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