IPVanish v3.0.3

IPVanish v3.0.3


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Ipvanish released a new version with more changes.

IPVanish v3.0.3


  • Settings will now save appropriately
  • Shifted VCRedist to an older version that is compatible with more versions of Windows
  • Changed connection monitoring to lower CPU usage.
  • If the applications quit behaviour is “minimise to tray” and you hit the minimise button it now also minimises to tray
  • Connected/Disconnected notifications in the system tray (or notification centre on Windows 10+)
  • Tray icon visibility should be more clear/visible on higher resolution monitors
  • Thicker connected/disconnected border around the tray icon
  • Performance tweaks and various other crash fixes

A Brand New Version of IPVanish

New Server List

You can now see the load and the ping time of each server in the expanded server list. Simply tap or click on the number of servers in a location, and the list will expand to show you detailed information for each individual server.


Whether you want to connect to a particular country or city, IPVanish will now pick the best server for you. If you have a favourite server that you prefer connecting to, you can still do this as well. We wanted our users to be able to connect to IPVanish in the most optimal way with a single click, and now you can.

Mini UI

During onboarding, we offer you the ability to use the full client or a mini client that allows you to connect, disconnect, change your city and country. Users who want a simpler experience should use this setting. If at anytime you wish to change it, you can open the full client with a single click or change your preference in settings.

New Server Notifications

Sometimes things come up. A particular server might reach a high capacity that can affect speed and performance; now we’ll let you know when this happens and provide you with the option to easily switch servers. If you are connected to a server that is going to be undergoing maintenance in the near future, we’ll notify you ahead of time so that you’re not unexpectedly disconnected.

3rd Party DNS

While we do not recommend you use another DNS service when you are connected to our VPN, some use cases require it. We now give you the ability to use a 3rd party DNS while you are connected to IPVanish.

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