Kodi 18 Leia exits beta as RC1 build released for download

Kodi 18 Leia exits beta as RC1 build released for download

The first Kodi 18 Leia release candidate is now available to download, meaning that the final build is just around the corner – and that it’s never been easier to try out the latest version of Kodi for yourself.

Kodi release candidates, or RCs for short, are the last stage in the development of a new version before it’s released in full. There will likely be a handful of release candidates – we’re currently looking at ‘RC1’ – before a final, public version is made available, so it’s still technically pre-release software.

However, the move to this stage of the software’s development means that it has cleared beta testing by the Kodi community and the XBMC Foundation is now actively encouraging ordinary Kodi users to check it out – albeit whilst warning them that they should still create a backup before installing it.

“To this point the current v18 version has been proven to be quite solid to use as a daily driver for those who were brave enough to try it out. Of course you should still keep in mind it’s not a final release yet and that on any upgrade a small glitch could happen as we are still doing rework. Once you decide to give it a try it is highly recommended that you create a backup first,” the XBMC Foundation’s Martijn Kaijser writes on the Kodi blog.

You can learn more and get a full overview of the key Kodi 18 Leia RC1 features by checking out the Foundation’s blog post here.

Alternatively, get started and downloaded Kodi 18 Leia by visiting this page, finding the platform or operating system of your choice, and following the instructions – note that RC1 will still be listed under the ‘pre-release’ section.

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Kodi 18 Leia Skins: What Kodi skins are available on v18 Leia?

According to the XBMC Foundation, the following skins are now compatible with Kodi v18 Leia.

Kodi 18 Leia Changes: What’s new?

The XBMC Foundation lists the latest changes for Kodi 18 Leia as follows:

  • Fix repository connection issues on Windows which affected certain CPU types
  • Some improvements to Android video playback
  • Some improvements to OS X resolution switching
  • Support for Radio Data RDS (RDS) if the PVR backend supports this
  • Try to find the best matching resolution automatically for refresh rate switching if the user has not made a selection in resolution whitelist setting
  • Update Chorus2 web interface which contains security and general fixes
  • General code improvements and cleanup

A more extensive list of changes is available to view on the Kodi v18 (Leia) wiki page, but in essence, Leia will bring big improvements for how Kodi handles music libraries and live TV (thanks to support for USB tuners), and add support for game emulators, controllers, and generic DRM.

Let us know what you think of Kodi 18 Leia on Twitter.

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