Kodi could be set for a dramatic change in biggest streaming shake-up ever

Kodi could be set for a dramatic change in biggest streaming shake-up ever


Kodi users could be set for the biggest shake-up to this TV player in years.

The team behind this popular service have just held their yearly DevCon event in Belgrade, Serbia, where they set about discussing what’s next for the online platform.

And one of the biggest changes that seems to have come from the 2019 event is the possible future support for web browsers such as Google's Chrome.

Although it’s still in the early stages of discussion it seems bringing Kodi to more people is something that is certainly on the agenda.

In a post on its blog, Kodi confirmed: “A couple of topics that took some time but didn't really make it to the final sessions, so perhaps we'll come back to them later: roles and responsibilities within the Board, the overall Kodi architecture and how it could be improved, potential for web browser support in Kodi.”

The thought of simply launching your web browser and watching content online could be massively appealing as Kodi is currently only available via a downloadable application.

Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices are all currently compatible but Chrome, Firefox or Safari support could open the player up to even more users.

Sadly, it seems this change could be a little way off with Kodi saying that these are “just headings for the moment, so don't get too excited.”

Kodi continues to be one of the most popular online TV players on the market but it has recently warned its millions of users about the dangers of accessing content without permission.

Despite Kodi being totally legal, it can be adapted via add-ons which then allows users to view premium content without paying a penny.

Kodi says that it has been designed to be extendable, with add-ons available through third party repositories as well as from the official sources.

Once the third party capability is enabled (it's disabled as default) users can install anything they like including services which offer access to illegal content.

“As the name suggests, these third party add-ons and repos are neither produced by, supported by nor endorsed by Team Kodi,” the post states.

“So is Kodi legal? As we supply it, the answer is yes.

“But as the old saying goes, “it's not what you have, it's how you use it”, and in this case also where you got it from.

“If it has been sourced from elsewhere, or if something has been added or modified since it was obtained, then all guarantees are null and void.

“We won't tell you what to do, not to do or how to use our software. We guarantee the reference Kodi we supply, anything beyond that is up to you.”


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