KODI Secret Revealed – KODI 18 Full Install Guide



KODI Secret Revealed – KODI 18 Full Install Guide


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Kodi 18 Secret Revealed – KODI 18 FULL INSTALL GUIDE

  • Setup and install KODI 18 for 2018 all in one easy steps.
  • First install kodi
  • then follow 6 steps to install 3rd party addons to enjoy free movies and free tv shows
  • Setup realdebrid with this link real-debrid.com/?id=865802
  • Choosing your skin and how KODI looks like.
  • Setup a vpn with 60% discount from husham.com/vpn60
  • All this in this guide.

Kodi 18 ‘Leia' release date date and beta features

Instead, the team decided that there could be only one choice, Leia.


Named in honour of Carrie Fisher, who passed away in 2016, the XBMC Foundation announced

“thought there could not be a more fitting tribute than to name a version of Kodi after one of the most butt-kicking princesses in cinematic history”.


Kodi's recent annual conference has given us a glimpse of how kodi 18 might be heading in the future. information added below


Kodi 18 Leia release date

Kodi 18 Leia has only just entered beta, with no official release date. That said current development is way improved. Check out the video.

Kodi 18 Leia is already available. You can download it today as explained in the video above

Installing Kodi 18 over an existing Kodi 17 build will perform an upgrade. Be careful doing this, as beta software is not always very stable and you may have problems getting some add-ons to work.


Kodi 18 Leia confirmed features

With Kodi 18 only just in beta, the list of new features isn't huge at the moment. There's not a huge amount on the list at the moment, but expect that to change as development increases pace.

Android Leanback suggestions, search and voice typing

Kodi has implemented a few big changes for the Android version of its product, including Android TV. Given that Android TV powers a lot of the top Kodi boxes, these changes are going to impress a lot of people.

First, Kodi content will now appear on the main Android TV home screen, alongside content from big providers, such as YouTube and Netflix. According to the Kodi blog introducing the feature, you'll get suggested content, including random unwatched movies and episodes, and music albums.


Kodi v18: Android Leanback suggestions, search and voice typing

Even better, Android TV's Google voice search will now integrate with your Kodi library, so you can just speak into your remote and find the content you want. Currently, Kodi will search for content by movie and TV show title, actors, albums or artists. Any add-ons or plugins are not searched, as this feature integrates with the Kodi library only.

You can also use your voice to ‘type', speaking what you want to enter, rather than having to use the on-screen keyboard. That's a huge improvement and a great feature on the Apple TV.

64-bit Windows version

Kodi v18 will be the first version of the software to have a 64-bit Windows version.

The main benefit of this will be that the software will be able to make use of more than 4GB of RAM, which should allow the software to run much quicker on  machines with higher amounts of RAM due to its increased ability to cache more data.

The development will also move the software closer to its future UWP version, which will be available on the Xbox One console.

Xbox One version

KODI 18 will be installed on XBOX and will have more features for Android TV

The Kodi team has confirmed that it is working on a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version of the software, which will allow the software to come to the Xbox One console for the first time. However at present progress is slow, and it's not been confirmed that this Xbox One version will arrive in time for v18.

The development is something of a return to Kodi's roots, since the software (then called the Xbox Media Player) was originally built as a means to play picture and movie files on a modded original Xbox console.

Kodi 18 Leia Skin

Kodi updated the skin from Confluence to Estuary when upgrading from Kodi 16 to Kodi 17. We haven't seen any evidence that there'll be a change with Kodi 18, and Estuary is the skin in the current version. That's not a particularly bad move, there are loads of other skins that you can download.
I still prefer the confluence but one can see where KODI is going with the Esuray skin to try to involve XBOX and Android TV devices such as Amazon fire stick and NVIDIA shield

Steam/game integration

This one's a little more far-fetched, but we'd love to see Steam integration hit Kodi, so that you can launch games directly from the media streamer. Currently, Steam has its Big Picture Mode, designed for TVs (see our guide on how to build a console-style gaming PC for more information), but one interface for media and games would be perfect.

An easier to use add-on browser

If Kodi is to make more of its legal add-ons, then why not make the interface a little neater? Currently, the official add-on browser is split into lots of little sections, but an app store-style browser would make it a lot easier to find content. Kodi has added an add-on browser to its website, but a more useful in-app version would be better.

Better multi-room features

We'd love to see a Sky Q-style method of easily sharing Kodi content between multiple devices. For example, starting to watch a TV show on one device, you'd get a prompt to continue watching on a different device. While it's fairly straightforward to share a Kodi library between multiple devices already, a neater interface specifically designed for this would be brilliant. Likewise, having multi-room audio baked in, rather than available as an add-on would be fantastic.

  • If you're looking to try out Kodi for yourself, these are the best Kodi boxes around.


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