Kodi Solutions IPTV APK 2018 5$ a month Service


Kodi Solutions IPTV APK 2018 5$ a month Service

Kodi Solutions IPTV APK 2018 5$ a month Service Kodi:

Kodi Solutions IPTV APK 2018 5$ a month Service
3PM Sports IPTV
And much more 9 watch the entire video to see the full list of channels


  1. Ipurchased your kodi solutions and there seem to be an excess amount of buffering, it occurs on the us movies and us entertainment. Is there anyway of solving this problem? You have a good program and I would like to remain with you but something needs to be done about the buffering. I have 5 firesticks. Can you reply as to what to do?

  2. Why am i having a problem with kodu solutions buffering constantly. I have100mbs and no issues with any other products in my house

    • Have you tried sending the desk a message to get to fix this for you
      the buffering could also be a result of WIFI connection Try to us LAN/Ethernet cable connection

      Generally speaking buffering can be fix if its in kodi or apk by clearing cache. but i urge you to send a message to the team to try to fix this for you

  3. Kodi Solutions customer support is substandard. Problem such as constant buffering and not all of a sudden no mlb games can’t connect. They simply give you a canned statement and quickly try to close your issue

  4. i have kodi solutions, I submitted a ticket to see how I could get the tv guide like the one that shows on your video, I was told to download the apk3, I still don’t have a normal tv guide, can you please help

  5. i have purchased your subscription put url into smart iptv player getting no named channels customer services said try firedl codes they give me do not work now they wont reply

    • yes series is not avaliabel in kodi solution for a while now
      they removed that feature
      the buffering you should not be getting.
      try to investigate your network speed
      make sure you are on local lan with cat 5e or cat 6 cable or even better
      if you are using it with android try to use it on pc or kodi
      basically to try to figure out what is the issue or what is causing the buffering, is switch devices or switch networks until you find out the cause

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