Microsoft is fixing this Windows 10 ‘critical error’ but you’ve still got weeks to wait

Microsoft is fixing this Windows 10 'critical error' but you've still got weeks to wait

Microsoft is fixing this Windows 10 ‘critical error' but you've still got weeks to wait

Windows 10 has had a rocky few weeks.

Gremlins began to manifest after Microsoft released a vital patch which was aimed at fixing a security issue with its Internet Explorer software.

This KB4524147 release is deemed “important” with the US technology company confirming the security vulnerability that it addresses has already been exploited.

Microsoft went on to explain this:

 “An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could gain the same rights as the current user.

“The security update addresses the vulnerability by modifying how the scripting engine handles objects in memory.”

Ok FOR GOD SAKE FIX THIS QUICKLY. This is clearly an important update, however, ever since users began installing the KB4517389 update it’s been causing havoc with some reporting printing problems and others saying their Start Menu keeps crashing.

Microsoft appears to have addressed the printer bug but many continue to complain of a “critical error” when clicking on the iconic Start Menu with a message displayed on the screen saying: “Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”

Fortunately, it seems a fix is on the way with a message on the community page saying that the US firm is aware of the glitch.

One user said that “KB4524147 originally made a critical error when using Start Menu AND it stopped my printer from printing.

“The latter was because of some mess up with the print spooler. I uninstalled KB4524147 and BOTH problems disappeared.

“This morning, I updated with KB4517389. The printer seems to work, BUT I receive a critical error when using the Start Menu.

“I suppose I need to uninstall KB4517389?”

A Microsoft Employee say replied,

“We are aware of this issue and estimate a resolution to be released in late October.”

The latest update left users with a conundrum, as it’s clearly important to keep the PCs updated with the latest software but installing this patch could leave them with some frustrating bugs.

No information at to when this update will be released, Late October is not that far off so we can be looking at the next week or following week. Microsoft is usually quick on fixing these issues with more updates.

After all, Microsft only does Windows updates day and night.

Written by David Minister
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