Microsoft issues critical Windows 10 warning – update your PC NOW

Microsoft issues critical Windows 10 warning - update your PC NOW

Windows 10 users should make sure their devices are fully updated with the very latest patches from Microsoft. The Redmond firm has just released a number of upgrades that fix numerous bugs with some deemed so serious they have been given a “critical” rating.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all is a threat that is being actively exploited by cyber criminals. Microsoft has confirmed that attackers have managed to find a weakness in something called the “Windows Update Medic.”

This is a relatively new addition to Windows 10 that has been created to run in the background and repair Windows Update components from damage. That means a computer can continue to receive vital updates at all times.

On its status page, Microsoft says that an exploitation has been detected on this vulnerability and it is being used in the wild by hackers although it's unclear just how many Windows users may have so far been affected.

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This new patch features fixes for three zero-day vulnerabilities and a total of 44 flaws so it's definitely worth checking your PC.

Speaking about the release, Aaron Drapkin, Digital Privacy Expert at ProPrivacy said: “It's relieving to see Microsoft responding promptly and patching 44 security vulnerabilities that were, before the release of their updates, opening customers up to a world of dangers.

“One security vulnerability that is being taken advantage of is CVE-2021-36948 – which relates to a new service called Windows Update Medic. This is usually referred to as a ‘privilege escalation vulnerability' because it allows the hacker to eventually seize control of whole user accounts and ensure they aren't being followed whilst they do.

If you're a Windows user, I'd advise downloading any available updates as soon as you can. Even if Windows fixes a problem, unless you install the updates they push out, your software will still contain all the pre-patch vulnerabilities.

“Just make sure you back up or make a copy of all your important information first – it's unlikely, but Windows updates have somewhat of a reputation for causing trouble at random, and some users experience post-update booting problems.”

Written by David Minister

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