Microsoft launches essential app you should download before Windows 11 releases next week

Microsoft launches essential app you should download before Windows 11 releases next week

Windows 11 is almost here. Next week, Microsoft will launch the next-generation version of its desktop operating system, with Windows 11 set to debut on Tuesday October 5. And if you're hoping to download the latest-and-greatest version of Windows to your PC, there's an app you'll want to download straight away.

Recently, Microsoft has rolled out an updated and retooled version of its PC Health Check app. This app first debuted back in June in the aftermath of the big Windows 11 reveal, however there were a few teething problems.

The app is designed to let Windows 10 users know if their PC can be upgraded to Windows 11. However, in the days following the initial launch there were widespread reports that people who had high spec machines – which easily should meet the Windows 11 minimum requirements – were being told by the PC Health Check programme that they couldn't upgrade.

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The app was pulled from release so Microsoft could fine tune it, however in the run-up to the Windows 11 release date it has now made a comeback – after extensive testing.

The new and improved version of the PC Health Check app is available to download right now by clicking here.

And the tinkered with version of the Windows 11 upgrade tool will give users a full picture of whether their machine can be upgraded or not.

If you unfortunately fall into the camp that can't upgrade to Windows 11, the PC Health Check app will specifically say why that is the case.

The app will notify users if the PC's chipset doesn't mean the minimum requirements, or if TPM 2.0 isn't enabled, or both.

TPM (aka Trusted Platform Module) offers an extra layer of security built-in to the hardware itself, which helps protect a device from malicious threats.

If your PC doesn't meet any of these requirement then the PC Health Check app will offer links to official Microsoft documentation, so you can find out how to make sure your PC is capable of upgrading to Windows 11.

When Windows 11 was first announced there was uproar from some users over the high minimum specs for the OS.

Besides requiring TPM and Secure Boot, Microsoft said Windows 11 needed an 8th-gen Intel chip and at least an AMD Ryzen 2000.

However, over the summer Microsoft announced they would no longer block users from updating to Windows 11 when using an ISO file.

But restrictions are still in place when upgrading via the regular Windows update process.

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