Microsoft’s new Windows 10 update is causing a nightmare on some PCs

Microsoft's new Windows 10 update is causing a nightmare on some PCs

Another adds: “Yep, I can confirm. Nothing has changed since KB5000842. I have submitted feedback, I have talked with Microsoft developers, etc… Months of hearing from Microsoft that they have a fix coming or that KIR patch fixed it but nothing changes.”

Microsoft claims to be testing another patch for the frame rate problem with its beta testers right now, so fingers crossed, the software will be rolling out to all users worldwide in the coming weeks. By then it'll have been four months since the original problem was flagged, something the PC gaming community is unlikely to allow Microsoft to forget anytime soon.

The good news is that anyone who doesn't rely on printers in the office or play any high-end PC games… there are no other reported problems with Windows 10, so you should be able to move ahead and install the update without worry.

Written by David Minister

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