Mobdro APK IPTV Free Video Streams for Android LIVE TV on the GO or your Android BOX


Mobdro APK IPTV Free Video Streams for Android LIVE TV on the GO or your Android BOX


Mobdro, Probably one of the longest running IPTV and VOD APK for Android SMART Phones, with the latest version you can even install it on your Android box or KODI Box and yes that even include the Amazon Firestick.

Mobdro offers SD as stndard for all the free users but also offers HD links for paid users, saying that however, I have never purchased MOBDRO my self so I cant tell you too much about the quality of the HD links, but I can tell you for a free service it certainly delivers good contents.

The channel list on MOBDRO varies from time to time, they seem to add more and remove others from time to time. I guess that the price of Free LIVE TV. You can never be sure if the channels will stay up



Install Mobdro

No idea how to install Mobdro? Never worry or give up: Here’s a quick guide that will explain how you hit the ground running in just a few seconds.

1. Enable unknown sources

For Mobdro to install properly, you have to allow apps from unknown sources. To do so, open the SETTINGS of your device, scroll down and tap on SECURITY. Scroll down again to find UNKNOWN SOURCES and allow the installation of apps other than the Play Store.

Your phone or tablet will ask you to confirm. Tap on OK to do so.


2. Download the app

Download the free app from this website with your mobile device. It’s fully functional and you can use it for as long as you like.

3. Install

As soon as the download is complete, pull down your notification screen and tap on the download notification.

4. Confirm

Your Android phone, Android tablet or Amazon Firestick will ask you to confirm the requirements that the Mobdro app needs, such as network access. Tap on INSTALL







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