More improvements added to show off TVZion APK in Beta Download link here

TVZion 2.0 APK


More improvements added to show off TVZion APK in Beta Download link here

TVZion the last Human stand for Free Movies and Streaming. Soon to be better the Terrarium.

Named after the poplar ZION City in the Matrix Reloaded Film. TVZion developer stands firm to continue bringing HD and 1080 link in TVZION. The developer has showed interest that he will be upgrading the app soon to include all the poplar features that use to be in Terrarium TV APK

The APK includes

  • Streaming Movies
  • Streaming TV Shows
  • Streaming Anime






20/09/2010 – Uninstall the version you have and install it again. As Realdebrid now added to the

10/10/2010 – Beta 2 version released

11/10/2010 – Beta 3 version released


Beta Releases so far

Beta 2

Beta 2 was released on 10/10/2018

  1. Much simpler smoother episode browser

  2. The new episode browser is supposed to fix the no selector on episode bug on NVidia Shield

  3. External player: VLC

  4. Live link resolving – Meaning you will see what site is currently being searched for content, once it finds sources, you will see a list of videos resolving and getting meta data, it all happens in front of you.

  5. Link page loader keeps spinning bug fixed

  6. UI simplified for faster/low cpu rendering (you won't probably noticed it as this was basically an attempt to root out all the bad practices that has been followed for the ui previously, mostly on show/movie page)

  7. VERSIONING: Now beta versions will say so under settings. I should have done this a lot earlier, but it's here now, and hopefully it'll take away some confusion about all the apks saying different versions.

  8. Play on link found is temporarily disabled


Beta 3

Beta 3 was released 11/10/2018

  1. Android TV launcher icon changed with black background

  2. Loading screen of movie/show has black background instead of weird lines

  3. Fixed crash bug when clicking on random/next/prev whenever a link is already resolving

  4. Fixed prev button does not work bug

  5. Fixed watch list add/remove does not reflect on homepage bug

  6. Remove grid size feature for now

  7. Fixed sort order issue (default order is now ascending)

  8. Fixed bug: Play random button on show page does not work

  9. Selectors (buttons/episodes/movie or show items) now has a grey filter on top of it making your selection more visible.
  10. Fixed continue watching wrong starting position bug

  11. Fixed movie links on TVZion source

  12. Fixed fmovies source


TVZion Download link

Beta Version

Official Release



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