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MyAramedia ©, the first live and streaming television service, legal in Algeria, with more than 50 channels and more than 70,000 hours of programs on demand: movies, series, cartoons.
MyAramedia offers you the possibility to view more than 50 channels, channels of TNT Algerian, TNT French, and also gives you the opportunity to access SHAHID.
Cinema, series, entertainment, youth programs and culinary programs can be found in MyAramedia.
Enjoy MyAramedia on all your IPhone, IPad, PC / MAC screens, at home or on the go, wherever and whenever you want.

– The application works nationwide, 3G / 4G coverage and / or Wi-Fi, no additional cost.
– IOS 10.0 and later compatible.
– PIP function, for effective zapping.
– You can add your favorite channels in "My List"
– You can check the "TV Guide"

Many channels available live: ENTV, Canal Algeria, A3, Tamazight, Canal Koran, Echourouk TV, El Djazairia ONE, Numidia TV, MBC, MBC 2, MBC Misr, MBC 3, MBC 4, MBC MAX, MBC Drama, MBC Bollywood, TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, AB1, Action, Mangas, Tiji, Canal J, AB Engines, Animals, History, Ushuaia TV, LCI
You can also listen to the main Algerian radios.

Whether you're in traffic jams, transport, waiting room, this is an opportunity to open MyAramedia on your smartphone and watch your favorite channels and programs.

To register, download the application and follow the instructions!

Enjoy 7 days of free trial!

Good viewing !

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