Nemesis AIO Addon Installation on Kodi / FireStick [Step-by-Step]

Nemesis AIO Addon

In this guide, you will find the detailed instructions to install Nemesis AIO addon on Kodi. I took the images used in this guide on my Windows PC. However, the steps work equally well on any Kodi device you might be using. This includes, but is not limited to, Amazon FireStick, Android Boxes, and Mobiles.

Nemesis AIO Kodi addon has a variety of on-demand categories for hours of streaming enjoyment. While you can find plenty of content in the regular Movies and TV Shows categories, you may also great entertainment with sections Documentaries, Webcams, Gaming Videos, Anime, Kids, and more.

The addon is currently offering fast navigation and streaming. These reasons compelled us to add Nemesis AIO to our collection of Best Kodi Addons.

Please note that you will need to generate a web PIN to use this addon every few hours. I have enclosed the steps to generate and authorize Nemesis AIO with the PIN in a separate section after the installation steps.

Also, note that Nemesis AIO currently does not support Trakt integration.

Steps to Install Nemesis AIO Addon on Kodi

There are several aspects of the installation process. However, it can be broadly divided into two parts as follows:

– Enabling Security option Unknown Sources
– Following the installation steps for Nemesis AIO Kodi Addon

The first part is the prerequisite to installing any third-party addon on Kodi. Therefore, we will take care of it first.

Enable the security option Unknown Sources

This is not the part of the actual installation process, but as I said, a prerequisite. Third-party plugins and add-ons may cause harm to your device if they come from an untrusted source. Nemesis AIO is a trusted addon from a reliable source.

Follow these steps:

1- Go to the Settings on your Kodi app. You will find the Settings icon on the home window, in the upper-left section (underneath the Kodi logo)

2- Now open System on the window that follows

3- Click Add-ons in the left section

4- Now click Unknown Sources if it is currently disabled. Clicking will turn it ON. Leave it as it is if it is already ON

5- This action triggers a warning message. As I told you earlier, Nemesis AIO Kodi addon is safe. So, go ahead and click Yes confidently

You may now jump to the next part and install Nemesis addon.

Nemesis Addon Installation Steps

Here are the steps:

1- We click Settings again on the home window of Kodi

2- This time we open the File manager

3- On the window that is displayed next choose Add source

4- Now go ahead and click where you see

5- You are now presented with the window with a keypad. Here, we enter the URL or the path:

Check the path once to ensure that you entered it correctly

Click OK

6- Now select the text field designated for the source name. In the source name enter streamarmy

Note: You may type in any other name you want

Click OK

7- You now want to go back to the home window of Kodi. Press the back button/key several times.

Click Settings again if you are using Kodi 18.3 (or any other Kodi 18 Leia version)

Click Add-ons if you are still using Kodi 17.6


8- Next, Kodi 18 Leia users click Add-ons (check the image below)

Note: Kodi 17.6 users click the small open-box image in the upper-left corner


9- Now open the option Install from zip file


10- On the popup that appears next, click streamarmy

Note: If you added any other name in Step 6, you must click that


11- Now open the zip file that is displayed on the next window:

Note: The version of the zip file may be different from what you see in the image below if the file has been upgraded


12- Now wait. Stream Army Repo is getting installed. It usually takes half a minute or a bit more


13- Now we click Install from repository


14- Open the repo you installed a little while back: Stream Army Repo


15- Go ahead and open Video add-ons


16- You will find the Nemesis AIO addon here. Click it!


17- Go to the lower-right and click Install


18- Users of Kodi 18 Leia will see this additional prompt. Click OK


19- Wait for the addon installation to complete. It may take 2-3 minutes. NemesisAIO Add-on installed will appear

That’s how you install the Nemesis AIO addon on Kodi

How to Use Nemesis AIO Kodi Addon

Nemesis AIO is an uncomplicated and fuss-free addon. It will only take a bit to get used to it.

However, the addon must be authenticated with a PIN when every few hours. We will talk about it.

To access Nemesis AIO, click Add-ons > Video add-ons from the home window of Kodi. When you see the Nemesis AIO icon, click it.

Following is the prompt that appears on the first run and every few hours:

Open the webpage on your computer or mobile. Scroll down and click the button Generate A Pin Code

Now click Click to View Pin button on the webpage. When the PIN is displayed, note it down

Return to Kodi window and click OK on this prompt

Enter the PIN that you generated earlier and click OK

That’s it! You are now all set to start using Nemesis AIO Kodi addon.

Quick Overview of Nemesis Kodi Addon

Now that you know how to authorize Nemesis AIO with a PIN, let me give you a quick overview of this Kodi addon.

The main window of the addon has the following categories that contain the streaming content: Movies, TV Shows, Music & Radio, Live Sports and Replays, Documentaries, Anime, Kids, Cartoons, Gaming Videos, Webcams, and an adult section named XXX.

The categories are pretty self-explanatory. And, each category has its own set of subcategories. The arrangement of nested categories helps with the better organization of the content.

To authorize Real Debrid with Nemesis AIO addon, click Settings & Maintenance on the main window

Next, click Auth Resolve URL Real Debrid

You will find the detailed instructions to configure Real Debrid in our guide How to Install & Use Real-Debrid on Kodi


Let me put this in clear and simple words: Nemesis AIO is a pretty solid Kodi addon to have if you want to stream on-demand content such as movies, series, documentaries, sports replays, anime, cartoons, etc.

It has Live Sports section as well (called Live Sports & Replays). While the replays play fine, Live Sports may not be reliable all the time. However, if you are lucky, you might find some good streams.

Nemesis AIO Kodi addon has a decent line-up of video content and it is fetching quality streams. It works even better when paired with Real Debrid.  All things considered, I recommend you to give it a shot.


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