New 2018 Arabic Videos KODI Addon


New 2018 Arabic Videos KODI Addon

The new Arabic Videos Addon for KODI is a wonderful addon that has allot of Arabic Contents, Including contents for English, Turkish, Persian with Films for all the languages and more.
Addon avaliable from EMAD reposioty


How to Install

Install Steps for Arabic Videos

  1. Being on your Kodi home screen
  2. Go to SYSTEM and then to File manager
  3. Look for the icon of a disk drive with a plus over it and choose Add source from this menu
  4. A box called Add Files source will appear. Click on the text input box where it says <None>
  5. Now enter the following URL: Make sure you type the URL exactly as written, including the http://, or it will not work
  6. Give this source a name. We’ll call it husham
  7. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the box
  8. Wait for a second and you’ll see a notification that the source was added
  9. Go back to your home screen
  10. Go to SYSTEM and then to Add-ons
  11. Choose Install from zip file
  12. Choose the husham directory, or whatever you called it
  13. Find the file called and click on it
  14. Wait for a second and you’ll see a notification that the repository was added
  15. Now you should click on Install from repository
  16. Find an item that says Repo and click it
  17. Click Addon Repostiory
  18. Select EMAD Repo and install
  19. Go back to install from Repostiorty
  20. Select EMAD Reoistory
  21. Click on Arabic Video
  22. Choose install from the left hand menu
  23. Wait one more time, and you’ll see a notification that the add-on was installed

Video Install Guide

I made two video install guides.. one in English and the other in Arabic


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  1. Hello Husham,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful add-on “Arabic videos” it works great and the only issue I have with movies that are marked “للكبار فقط” because of having some nudity. How can i watch those
    Thanks again

    • نفس المشكله واوقات علشان فيلم فيه بوسه مبعرفش اشوفه حد لقي حل ما صدقنا لقينا ادون عربي زي الناس يا جدعان

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