TVZion APK v3.8.1 Alpha 2 APK Movies TV Shows Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield

Watch Movies and TV Shows in Android Phone and Android BOX including the firestick


Movies TV Shows Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield – TVZion APK v3.8.1 Alpha 2

Tvzion apk v3.8.1 Alpha 2 is updated again to provide Free Movies and Streaming.

TVZion is really brilliant APK and with Realdebrid and TVZion club it does really do the brilliant job

The new release is v3.8.1 Alpha 2 is been updated again with several new updates, check out the changelogs below for the latest changes

The developer of TV Zion is making a great strive to be the best APK in the market for Free TV/Movies.

  • Streaming Movies
  • Streaming TV Shows
  • Streaming Anime
  • Torrent Streaming using Realdebrid
  • RealDebrid
  • TrakT
  • Autoplay Streaming contents
  • Autoplay next episode


Zion.3.8.1.ALPHA – [BugFix] Killed due to low ram (affecting progress and auto-next), [BugFix] Playback progress – CALLING all “killed due to low ram” users
Zion 3.8 introduced a serious bug which somehow made past the betas, it stopped correctly saving playback progress. I wanted to push a hotfix for this, but I had already started working on the Kill due to low ram issue and wanted to bundle this together. Hence the late fix.
No clean install required. Maybe slightly unstable, but testing of this version is very essential as some architectural changes have been made.

Alpha 2

Change log:

  1. [BugFix] VLC wasn't saving progress

  2. [BugFix] Kill app button was restarting app

Alpha 1

  1. [BugFix] Killed due to low ram (affecting progress and auto-next)

  2. [BugFix] Playback progress

Notes (App killed bug):

Now instead of notifying the user about the the fact that the app was killed in background, app will re-initialize itself (you'll see the black initialization screen that you see at start up), and then the app will restore it's last state. By restoring last state I meant –

  1. If you are returning to the link page from playback and the app got killed (MX,VLC)

    1. First thing it'll do is save your progress after initialization. So your progress is safe now, even though app got killed. (of course only for supported players, Internal player, MX, VLC).

    2. If you have auto-next on, scrapping next episode after initialization will start. (Before it'd just go to home page)

    3. If you just finished a movie (or episode without auto-next) it'll start scrapping links for the movie/episode (since previously scrapped links are gone when android system killed app). FYI, this is the default TTV behavior. User can back out if they don't want the links. Possible alternative here is to send the user to the media info page instead from where they can start scrapping if they want. As a user let me know which one would you prefer.

  2. If you were already on the media info page and then app got killed (say you put device to sleep), it'll re-initialize and reload media info.

Basically the idea is to make the experience seamless even though the app got killed.


Video Guide

Here is a video of TVZion APK

Check out the video on Cocoscope

TVZion v3.8.1 Alpha 2 Download link

You can download using the link below by either click on the click here button or the URL below for the downloader app

Alpha Version

TV Zion v3.8.1 Alpha 2 Version Click here to download the apk

or put this link in the downloader app –

Stable Version

TV Zion Stable 3.8.1 Version  click here to download TVZion APK

or put this link in the downloader app –

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