Official Kodi Website Offline: Details Information

Official Kodi Website Offline: Details Information

September 27th: The official Kodi website has come back online and is available for access again.

If you are looking to access the official Kodi website, you are going to be having some trouble. This is because on September 24th, the official Kodi website went offline for all users around the world.

The official Kodi ___ account had the following message:

Our website is down until further notice. One of our sponsors @acquia has decided we were using too much resources so unless we pay for a dedicated server they won’t bring it online. Hoping @getpantheon or another Drupal host wants to help!

When you try to visit, you’ll see the Kodi website offline and the following error message:


kodi shutdown message

How Can I Install Kodi with the Website Offline?

Kodi is still available for Android from the official Google Play Store.

Likewise, you can still download Kodi on Windows from the official UWP store.

Downloading Kodi from the official website is currently offline, but we will update users when an alternative solution is found!

Hopefully another web host steps up and the Kodi website offline status won’t last much longer.

Will keep everyone posted!

Comment below or get in touch with us on ___ if you have any more information.

Written by David Minister
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