OLA TV 8 IPTV APK to have WORLD Live TV included

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OLA TV 8 IPTV APK to have WORLD Live TV included

The news on the web is hot as the developer of OLA sends out a hint about the upcoming OLA TV 8.

OLA TV continues to be the crowd favourite and the most talked about when people sit to watch films live over the web. The best part of this TV Program is that it is always updating and had stopped since the first version original release.

The developer is hinting of V8 to be released soon, With more contents and new design and most importantly version, 8 is to be working for all devices.

Version 8 of the IPTV app is to be another crown jewels to the IPTV world.

Considering that we recently had a big IPTV Shutdown from many different IPTV companies and over 50 Million users unable to connect and waiting for IPTV connection to work.

This APK is to be a welcome change as it includes the majority of the world Live TV Streaming directly to your device

Updates of OLA TV latest update will be placed here

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