OLA TV PRO & Mr Z IPTV Down IPTV & for How Long?!!!!

OLA TV PRO & Mr Z IPTV Down IPTV & for How Long?!!!!

OLA TV PRO & Mr Z IPTV is one of the best APK for Live TV, used by thousands of users to watch live contents by using Android Devices such as KODI BOX, Firestick 4K or NVIDIA Shield.

Mr Z IPTV APK screen shoot when working


OLA TV APK Channels when the apk is working


Down IPTV DOWN!!!!

OLA TV PRO & Mr Z IPTV  is currently down and everyone been messaging me on the Husham.com, My twitter account and my Facebook and even my YouTube and cocoscope channels.

Users when trying to open the OLA TV APK are unable to continue beyond the start screen.



Developer Response

Husham.com Managed to speak to OLA TV and got a response that OLA TV and Mr Z IPTV were both down as of today 8th August 2019, OLA TV Developer acknowledges this and confirmed this is due to Several channels copyright complains which they took to the server team that host many channels that were been used with OLA TV PRO & Mr Z IPTV.

The Developer of OLA TV and MR Z IPTV confirmed that they will fix this and get around the issue very soon. And a New version of the APKs  to be released over the next few days

So sit tight, there is no download and no more information until a fix and wait for the new version of OLA TV IPTV APK and Mr Z IPTV APKs.

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Husham Memar

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  1. Thank you, husham for helping us out! We can’t wait for newer version in next few days. Good job, husham team for getting our answer!

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