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Watch live TV channels on your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), with detailed electronic program guide (EPG). In order to watch TV channels using this app, you need internet bandwidth of minimum 2 Mbps.

If you are not an existing Orion Telekom subscriber, but you want to test the app, just tap the "Free Trial" button for a 7-day free trial period. Orion Telecom subscribers using this app within their home network can enjoy the full list of channels available in their subscription package. Outside home network, you can watch selected channels allowed for OTT playback.

Please note that using this application can generate significant internet traffic, it is highly recommended to allow content playback only on WiFi networks in the app settings.


Watch TV on your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) with a detailed electronic program guide (EPG). To be able to watch TV content, you need to have at least 2Mbps internet bandwidth.

If you are not currently an Orion Telecom subscriber and just want to try out the application's functionality, just tap the "Try it for free" button for a free 7-day trial.

The list of available TV channels depends on the network from which you are using the app – a full list of channels from your subscription package available only when the application is used within the Orion Telekom network, otherwise only the channels that are allowed for OTT playback are visible, in accordance with the policies of the TV owner content.

Using this application generates a lot of internet traffic, so it is advisable to restrict the content viewing to WiFi only in the settings.

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