Phoniex Addon has been updated


Phoniex Addon has been updated

Another update to the phoniex addon, as we are mostly expecting addons to get updated and this one is very will famous for always been updated, always for the best and better.


-updated resolvers

-updated available resolvers

-reworked Huddle
-updated resolvers

-added randomizer for Huddle

-Added WWE and SOCCER in Huddle
-Fixed connection issues Huddle

– Added MMA to Huddle
– Updated available resolvers.
– RadioTunes – site changes(disabled)

– Added Huddle Up Sports
– Updated available resolvers.



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  1. Hi,
    Not sure if related to a recent update or anything, but recently when I try to watch live Premiere league streams on my Amazon Fire TV stick (Phoenix > Valhalla > Live TV > Live Games) the streams started to become really choppy, laggy and pixely with images colors blending into each other. It was working great before and still works nice on my Windows laptop, but not on the Fire TV Stick or my android phone. I have read many forums and tried everything from changing the advanced settings, to playing with Hardware/Software acceleration options to no avail. So I think the streaming video formats have changed and they cannot be decoded by the AFTV and android? If that is the case I guess I am out of luck and have to stick to Windows…

    Also I have noticed that since this issue started, when I click on the live streaming source I get two prompts: 1) “Opening Stream” 2) “Loading local proxy”. Previously when it was working I never saw the “Loading local proxy” message. So just wondering if something was changed. Thanks!

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