With over 10,000 Users using the service world wide, Rambo IPTV has becom the beacon where by all good services need to be measured. Providing Arabic TV from NILE SAT and Arab SAT over the internet. You can look at the channel list below or use the serach to locate some of your fabourie channels. The Rambo IPTV service also take requests to add channels where possible, and this allowed them to add some of the NEW channels such as MBC IRAQ and OSN Latest channels,

Sports channels including the BEIN and some time the BEOUT as well channels are added from time to time and updated with the latest events on BEIN Sports Channels.

Rambo IPTV channel list for all your Arabic IPTV needs,  If you need Arabic Channels then you only need Rambo IPTV, The Rambo IPTV service is well known and very well established service that has been going on for more then a few years. Providing the top Arabic channels running at a low premium cost.

Rambo Arabic IPTV Channel Lists below

Rambo Arabic Price


As of Januray 1st One day test free test no longer available for Rambo IPTV. The test Trial account was running for 4 years


  • 1 Month $9.50 US Dollars
  • 3 Months $25 US dollars
  • 6 months 45 us dollars
  • 12 months 80 us dollars

You can subscribe to Rambo IPTV by completing the Arabic contact page

Video Guides

Check out some fo the Video guudes below


  • Access to all Bein packages ( Sports and Movies )
  • Access to all OSN contents
  • Pay-per-view sporting events
  • Available as an APK from the Google play store  (Rambo IPTVIPTV Smarters or IPTV Extreme )
  • Can be installed through Kodi with an addon ( xtream kodi addon )
  • Works with M3u Plus for channel logos and categories

Platforms tested to work on:

  1. Kodi addon
  2. KODI PVR Simple Client
  3. Firestick
  4. APK
  5. NVIDIA Shield
  6. Smart IPTV
  7. IPTV Smarters pro
  8. MAG 256
  9. Iphone with GSE IPTV or IPTV Smarters App from Apple store
  10. M3u or M3u Plus
  11. Perfect IPTV Player

Arabic IPTV Channel List Rambo Live TV



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