Samsung adds Smart IPTV to the APP Store again

Smart IPTV is back working on the Samsung TV

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Written by Husham Memar

Smart IPTV is one of the best applications to watch live tv on your SMART TV and can be installed on Android devices or Android TV also SMART IPTV recently over the years became the number one favourite after it emerges and updates to the Firestick and the NVIDIA Shield.

Recently I posted, that Samsung for no reason what so ever, had started removing the application and also started initiating force-removal of the SMART IPTV application from the Samsung SMART TV APP Store.

After many Users at Samsung that the reason why they bought their Samsung TV is that they wanted to use the SMART feature from the App store and now they removed it, pointing to SMART IPTV as a cord cutter for the home users.

Reason for the application removal

Many sources claimed that Samsung was cleaning house of their application from all possible privacy or piracy or some other unknown reason.

The majority did notice that Samsung was leaning toward working with APPLE components and more Samsung CAST applications, which in turn were and for a lack of better word USELESS APPLICATIONS to use.

It's BACKSamsung return SMART IPTV

Once again and for no reason what so ever, and in a very short time after the Samsung SMART TV's removed SMART IPTV and put it back and removed it again, the application came back on the Samsung App store again.

users can now search SMART IPTV on the SAMSUNG App Store from Their Samsung Smart TVs and they will be able to find it and use it. Also, I am told by Smart IPTV developers they will also issue new updates soon to the SAMSUNG TV's

Smart IPTV Developers Quoted this to me last night in an Email

Users can now Get Smart IPTV from the Samsung store

Smart IPTV also made a public notification to everyone but with a small change to the above email message

Smart IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

If there is no app in your country's Apps store, you can manually install the app ( Click here to download the SMART IPTV to your TV )


Not ALL Samsung TVs Can install Sart IPTV

Unfortunately not all SAMSUNG SMART TV now have SMART IPTV, as Samsung only allowed SMART IPTV to be added to the new SAMSUNG OS Updates to install SMART IPTV from the Samsung store.

Some TV will still be restricted to install manually by following these steps in this page 



WHY did they put it back

It is odd to see the application removed and back every other month, this actually screams out as publicity stunt for Samsung which could be ok, they just might want us the lonely peasants to buy new TVs instead of old TVs

However the worse case scenario could be that they did have every intention to remove the application from the Samsung store but now fear that everyone will not update to the latest software on the Samsung TVs and want us all to update to the latest software and to re-enable auto-update on the software, the scary thought is that they will block us from updating or installing Manually in the future after we all update our TV's.

But, NAAAAA, I am sure a big corporation like Samsung doesn't do something like that for money! What do you think?

Written by Husham Memar


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  1. Hi husham,is there anyway of putting siptv on a hisense u7a 65″ tv? Its not in the hisense app store only ssiptv which does not load all channels.thanks

    • ssiptv has recently been updated to be really nice.. but the issue with that is not the ssiptv it is the hisense tvs have a bit of LAG issue that wont allow them to work very fast.. I presume low ram memory on these tvs. if you do get a chance.. retrun the tvs and buy samsung smart tvs or android TVs is a best option these days.
      otherwise for hisense tvs i do not recommend attempting ssiptv or smart iptv. just go with a firestick 4k .. that will allow you to install smart iptv or iptv smarters pro

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