SMART IPTV Updated app version 2.1.56 for LG TVs

Smart IPTV


Smart IPTV is one of the application that can be used on Samsung SMART TVs and LG Smart TV as well as can be installed on Android devices with an APK such as firestick and NVIDIA shield

Recently SMART IPTV was removed from Samsung TVs but manual install was still possible ( click here for information ).

LG Smart TV Smart IPTV

Change Logs

Updated app version 2.1.56 for LG TVs -2019-08-27

The app has been reverted back to Netcast emulation mode with the following change:

  • Subtitle track selection is no longer possible on webOS 3.0+
  • Stream Player Type NC Auto is available again in app's settings

There will be a separate native webOS app version (not an update) with subtitle track selection functionality released soon. Check this space periodically for updates. There is no known way to downgrade from 2.1.56 to 2.1.54.

DO NOT update if you want to keep the Subtitle track selection functionality on webOS 3.0+, although you will still have an issue with VODs not working properly on webOS 4.0+.

Note! If you want to keep this application version (2.1.56) in the future on webOS 3.0+ TV, DO NOT remove it.


The webOS version of SMART IPTV was recently Updated to version 2.1.54 for LG TVs

  • Native webOS app code on webOS 3.0+
  • You MAC address will change after updating on webOS 3.0+, but it will be activated automatically
  • Press EXIT or press and hold the BACK button to fully close the app in native webOS app
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Note! If you experience issues after updating the app, try full app reinstall (remove/install again).

IPTV Subscription

In order to use SMART IPTV you will need to use an IPTV Subscription. Click here to get a full list of the IPTV Services supporting SMART IPTV.


If you wish to configure SMART IPTV then I have the best guide for you in VIDEO in Youtube and cocoscope

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