Sony has been encouraging its TV customers to use Kodi addons

Sony has been encouraging its TV customers to use Kodi addons

Sony has surprised us all by encouraging its customers to make use of Kodi addons through their TVs.

TorrentFreak spotted a page on the Sony Australia website over the weekend, which placed the Kodi app at the top of its list of recommended Android TV apps.

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The page, titled “Android TV Apps to get you started”, proclaimed: “Below are some of the Android TV Apps to help you enjoy your Android TV! You can install the Apps from Google Playstore. Visit the Apps for Android TV website for a list of the latest apps that are available for Android TV devices.”

In top spot was Kodi. “Kodi lets you download community-created addons that provide access to popular internet streaming media services”, Sony’s entry read.

Kodi is legal. However, as has been widely reported, one of the main reasons it’s grown so popular over recent years is the fact that you can use it to stream TV shows, films and live sports for free.

To use the software this way, you also need to install specific piracy-configured addons, created by third-party developers. Such addons are designed to help users break the law and, as such, they’re illegal.

Sony is a member of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), which has been actively targeting developers of piracy-focused Kodi addons − and using legal threats to shut them down − for quite some time.

Furthermore, anti-piracy campaigners have repeatedly claimed that one of the reasons pirate Kodi addons are so popular is because there’s apparently a lot of confusion around the software, in terms of whether it’s legal or not.

This is what makes Sony’s Kodi recommendation so weird and unexpected.

To be clear, not all third-party-created Kodi addons are illegal, and Sony’s promotion of the Kodi app is in no way an endorsement of illegal Kodi addons.

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However, by recommending Kodi addons at all and being so vague with its wording, the listing runs the risk of muddying the waters even further.

At the time of publication, Kodi has vanished from Sony Australia’s Android TV apps list, which is now topped by Plex instead.

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