Story behind Zeus return with IPTV VIP Channel – Read This


Just found the below and I thought I share it with you guys, and then leave the choice back to you guys.

Mark Cunningham
Ok folks we know Zeus are back and setting up their VIP channels. Maximum connection of 2000 people. OK here's how they going to fleece you. They are buying up paid iptv from several sources. They have their server set up with maximum 2000 connections. So they pay £10 per month for the iptv subs. Then they restream them via their server. They then take your £5 donation (careful don't call it a subscription) via PayPal. They then oversell the subs hoping 2000 won't use it 24/7. Then they make their thousands each month from the gullible.

Solution, you have a few options, plenty free decent add ons ie Phoenix/Money Sports/UK Turks etc.

Or simply buy a subscription yourself from the vast amount of iptv sellers, or a subscription to a proven reliable service ie Sportsmania/Sportsebooks etc.

Don't fund the leechers…….

PS Fan boys post away…


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The Choice is your own to make guys

Husham Memar

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  1. ?? thumbs down what is the purpose if I needed to pay – I rather subscribe to big cable companies – at lest there they are regulated by the FCC and other authorities.?

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