TEA TV APK 9.6 IPTV Stream Movies TV Shows with Android Firestick Winodws and MAC

TeaTV - Free 1080p Movies and TV Shows for Android, Windows & macOS Devices

TEA TV APK 9.6 IPTV Stream Movies TV Shows

Android Firestick Winodws & MAC

TeaTV APK is an application that provides you access to stream

  • Free 1080p Movies
  • Free TV Shows plus
  • IPTV or Live TV for USA/UK and general contents
  • XXX Adult Channels

The APK works for Android, Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, Windows & macOS Devices using APK emulators or you can download the windows or mac version directly, look at the download section in this article.

Tea TV always been there before Terrarium APK and users most likely always downloaded Terrarium APK instead due to the amount of publicity and the overwhelming features that Terrarium APK provided, and with Terrarium APK now Shutdown officially and no more updates. Terrarium APK Users are been forced to download a hacked version of Terrarium APK in order to continue with watching Free 1080 Links.

Mean Time Tea TV Development never stopped but only improved, I assume now that the pressure is on the TEA TV developer to take the work to the next level.

Perhaps trying to prove that Tea TV will always support the community without fail.

This by itself is appreciated without a doubt.


Below is the latest updated on the APK

TeaTV – Version: 9.6r

  • Add premiumize support.
  • Add actor and actress photo in TV interface.
  • Add search movie by actor and actress.
  • Fix some link providers.

TeaTV – Version: 9.5r

  • Fix black gap on TV.
  • Fix openload link.
  • Add some link providers.
  • Fix subscene.
  • Fix privacy screen on the TV.

Tea TV works not only like Terrarium APK, but it is also a lot more than that. Tea TV works for Windows, Android, KODI BOX, Android TV BOX, Firestick, NVIDIA Shield and MAC OS



With Support for

Tea TV brings you the best streams and best of Streaming entertainment to all your Media BOX's


Tea TV Recently Introduced LIVE TV or IPTV to its APP as well

Tea TV playing Live TV or IPTV
Tea TV Importing M3U link directly from Tea TV or you can add your Own


Download Link

Download Tea TV for your Platforms using the links below

  1. Tea TV Android / Smart Phone – Click here
  2. Tea TV Windows –
    1. 32 Bit – Click Here
    2. 64 Bit  – Click Here 
  3. Tea TV MAC – Click Here
  4. Tea TV FirestickClick Here or use this link in downloader https://www.husham.com/teatvapk
  5. Tea TV Nvidia Shield  – Click Here


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