The 5 Best Chromecast compatible Free Apps for streaming in 2022

The 5 Best Chromecast compatible Free Apps for streaming in 2022


Are you tired of paying monthly subscriptions for streaming apps that work with Chromecast? I’ve selected the 5 Best Chromecast compatible Free Apps for streaming in 2022. Remember that some of these apps offer their premium services only with advertisements. If ads don’t frustrate you, this post will be a treat for you before the winter sets in.
Features of Chromecast
Talking about video streaming devices, Chromecast has been popular for some years. The major reason is its compact and minimal size. You simply connect your Chromecast device to the TV, Android Phone, or other compatible devices. With the rising popularity of Chromecast, developers launched some exceptional Chromecast compatible Streaming Apps with free versions. Today, almost all major streaming services are compatible with Chromecast. But selecting the right streaming application for Chromecast is the key. With Chromecast, you simply need to start or launch the application on your smartphone or computer, and then you “cast” it to the Chromecast device connected to your TV. Chromecast does require a shared WiFi connection, but a cool feature is that after you have cast the content to the TV, you can use your smartphone or PC for other activities. The best thing is that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also work on Chromecast, but since I’m interested in listing only the best free streaming apps for Chromecast, I’ll have to skip them for today.
⚠Use the Best Chromecast compatible Free Apps safely
Since I’m going to list streaming apps, it is important to warn you of the vulnerabilities associated with these platforms. You never know the streaming sources of some of the community apps. They might access public domain servers to stream content directly on the device. Streaming through such sources is risky since ISPs are working with government agencies in most countries to counter the streaming of copyright-protected content. Moreover, ISPs have permission to track browsing history and may end up selling internet users’ personal information to advertising agencies.
Streaming anonymously and safely is the order of the day.

The VPN I recommend

IPVanish is the VPN service I trust the most in 2022. I’ve been using this VPN for months and I found it better than most of the VPNs available today. IPVanish features are available at competitive prices. It is easy to configure and operate. The best feature of IPVanish is its global network of servers. These servers don’t save your logs or browsing history since the company has a strict Zero-Log policy. According to this policy, none of IPVanish servers is allowed to keep, track, or extract the browsing history and personal information of the users.
IPVanish uses high-end encryption technology which protects data traveling on your internet connection from ISPs, watchdogs, and hackers. IPVanish even keeps your activities private and anonymous on a public network. The virtual tunnel which it creates for information to travel is highly secure nobody can interfere with it to extract and decrypt information traveling through your internet connection.
IPVanish lets you easily bypass the regional restriction. In other words, you can use streaming services and play videos that are not meant for your country or region. And you can do this without revealing your identity because IPVanish assigns a virtual IP address from the most suitable regions accessing the server it has in place in that region.
IPVanish is the optimal VPN for streaming content online.
We were able to get an exclusive 65% of IPVanish.
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5 Best Chromecast compatible Free Apps in 2022
1. Plex

Plex offers a 3-tier streaming service which includes the Free version. It is still one of the best streaming apps that work with Chromecast. You can use Plex to play videos from computers and other compatible devices directly to Chromecast stick. Customizing the computer home server to work with Chromecast takes a little effort, but the results are excellent.
The good news is that Plex Free Version lets you use most streaming features. The only problem is that the Free Plex service comes with ads. You have to be patient while streaming Free Plex Videos. Once Plex is installed, check out our guide on extending it through additional apps.
2. Live NetTV

Live NetTV is arguably the best streaming apps for cord-cutters looking to watch TV Channels online. This app is also compatible with Chromecast. Today, Live NetTV is streaming over 800 Live TV Channels. These channels are divided into 9 categories, including:
You can easily install Live NetTV by following these instructions. Live NetTV is a Free streaming app compatible with Chromecast. The interface of Live NetTV is convenient even for beginners.

3. Spotify

Spotify is also compatible with Chromecast, but its free version comes with ads. It took some time to come on Chromecast but quickly became one of the best free streaming apps for Chromecast in 2022. Spotify is the best happy hunting ground for streaming lovers, offering more than 30 million tracks, including podcasts, videos, radio stations, and more. The Spotify Paid Plans offers some additional features, such as the family plan letting six individuals stream from the same account. However, Spotify discounts are available for college students. Available on Google Store.
4. Movies Anywhere

This is another promising Free Streaming App for Chromecast. If you are a movie lover, you need to try the Movies Anywhere app for your Chromecast stick because this app integrates iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Movies, Disney, and Vudu. However, Movies Anywhere comes with some bugs, but these bugs should not frustrate you as long as it is free. If you don’t find your favorite movie on the list in the free version, you can buy it from the app. This way, you can cast Amazon prime videos to Chromecast. Download and install it from the Google Store.
5. YouTube, Google Play Music, and YouTube Music

If you love YouTube streaming apps, then try this combination for Chromecast. YouTube Music is the extension of YouTube, and what more could you ask for other than Google Play Music? This is the best combination for music lovers because having these three apps means that you will not miss any song you have ever heard about. Obviously, the free versions come with ads. You can, however, go for the premium plans to remove ads. You’ll find YouTube apps on the Google store.
The 5 Best Free Streaming Apps for Chromecast let you enjoy your favorite videos with added features. However, you need to keep in mind that free apps often come with some loopholes.

I hope this Best Chromecast compatible Free Apps list has pointed you to the right streaming options.
Have excellent streaming!
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