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how to get the Players Klub IPTV

In this guide, I will show you how to subscribe to, install and use The Players Klub IPTV service on FireStick. I will also demonstrate how to install and use The Players Klub addon on Kodi.

The Players Klub is an entertainment service with a primary focus on Live TV streaming, but it also has a solid on-demand section for movies and TV shows. The Live TV segment of this app gives you access to more than 2000 channels. The service mostly has the US satellite channels, but you will also find plenty of channels from Canada, Australia, UK, and other countries.

The Players Klub has an Android app as well as a Kodi addon making it available on most platforms. However, the seems to offer better and smoother experience as compared to the Kodi addon in my opinion.

This service will cost you a subscription fee of $8 per month. Given the number of channels and videos and the high-quality streaming The Players Klub offers, $8 seems like a great deal to me. You still get to save plenty of money, which you would have otherwise spent on expensive cable TV subscriptions.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Players Klub IPTV in any way and will not be getting any commissions for the users’ referral.

How to Sign Up and Purchase The Players Klub IPTV

Note: During the Sign-Up process, you will create two passwords – Dashboard password and Service password. Dashboard password will give you access to The Players Klub account when you sign in through a browser. Service password will allow you to log in to The Players Klub app and Kodi addon to stream videos. I have covered the distinction later in a special section.

The Players Klub IPTV service requires a web signup. So, open a browser on your computer or mobile and follow the steps below:

1. Access the following link:

2. Click See Plans and Pricing on the homepage

how to get the Players Klub IPTV

3. In the Prem Package section, click Sign up

install players klub iptv

4. Click Order Now on the next window

the players klub iptv on firestick

5. Enter the desired username in the Username field and click Continue

Important!! This is the username you will use to log in to The Players Klub IPTV service through the FireStick App or Kodi Addon. Note down this username somewhere as you may not get a confirmation email after sign up. As you can see, I have chosen the username patfst

players klub iptv apk

6. Click Checkout on the next screen

the players klub apk download

7. Enter your Billing Details (including email address) and Dashboard/account password

Important!! This password will NOT be used to log in to The Players Klub IPTV service. It is only for the dashboard. The service password is automatically generated. I will show you how to find it in the next section

install players klub iptv

8. Scroll down on the same page and check I have read and agree to the Terms of Service checkbox

players klub iptv download

9. As you can see, PayPal is the only payment options available as I write this guide. It is automatically selected. Go ahead and click Complete Order

10. On the subsequent pages, enter your PayPal login details to purchase the package

How to Find The Players Klub Service Password

As I said, the password you created above is only for the dashboard access. The password used to access The Players Klub Service via the Android app or Kodi addon is auto-generated. Follow these steps to find your service password:

1. Click the following link to go to the sign-in page

2. Log in with the email address you used during signup (while filling your billing details) and the dashboard password you created earlier

firestick players klub iptv

3. Click Services dropdown on the left followed by My Services

the players klub iptv apk

4. Click Manage Product for the Product/Service with Active status

players klub iptv

5. Click IPTV Service Details on the following page

the players klub iptv live tv

6. Under My IPTV Subscription Details click the Show button next to Password (you can also see your username above the password)

the players klub iptv live tv channels on firestick

7. Your password will now be displayed on the page. Use this password, and the username you created earlier to sign in to The Players Klub IPTV service on the Android app or Kodi addon

Note: At the time of writing this guide, for some strange reason, the dashboard does not let you change your service password; I hope this changes soon. The password is usually complicated and hard to remember. It is best to note down the password and keep it somewhere safe so that you don’t have to go through the retrieval process every time you wish to sign in to the service.

How to Install Players Klub IPTV APK on FireStick

The Players Klub IPTV APK is not available on Amazon Store. Therefore, we will sideload it onto your device. You can use one of the following methods to that end:Method 1: Downloader App

Method 2: ES File Explorer App

To install third-party apps on FireStick such as Players Klub IPTV, here is what you need to do first:

1. Go to the FireStick home-screen and select Settings from the menu bar on the top

how to install players klub iptv

2. Click Device or My Fire TV (depending upon the device model)

players klub iptv on amazon fire tv stick

3. Click Developer Options

firestick players klub

4. Next, click Apps from unknown sources and turn it ON in case it is OFF

the players club iptv

5. Go ahead and click Turn on to confirm your action

firestick players klub price

Method 1: Install Players Klub IPTV using Downloader App

First, install the Downloader app from the Amazon Store. Once that’s done, follow the steps below:

1. Run Downloader and click the URL field on the right

download Players Klub IPTV

2. Type in the following URL and click the GO button


3. Wait for the app to download the Players Klub IPTV APK

download the players klub iptv on firestick

4. When the APK is downloaded, click Install on the next screen (bottom right corner)

how to install players klub iptv on fire stick

5. Wait for the Players Klub IPTV app to install

6. App Installed confirmation will appear when the installation is finished. Don’t click Open. We will run the app later. Click Done for now

tpk iptv on fire stick

7. Select and click Delete when you are back to the Downloader app

delete apk on firestick

8. Click Delete again to delete the Players Klub IPTV APK. We deleted this file as it is not required anymore and was taking space on limited FireStick storage for no reason

firestick downloader app

This is how you install the Players Klub IPTV app using the Downloader app.

Method 2: Install Players Klub IPTV Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is not only an excellent file manager, it is also a useful sideloading tool. Select Search on the home-screen of FireStick and look up for this app to install it. Once you have it on your device, follow the steps below:

1. Run ES File Explorer and click the Downloader icon on the right side of the home-screen

install players klub iptv using es file explorer

2. Now click +New

add players klub iptv on firestick

3. Enter the URL  in the Path field and any name you like in the Name field (I am going with PK)

download the players klub iptv on fire tv

4. Click Download now

5. Wait until the ES File Explorer downloads the Players Klub IPTV APK on FireStick

how to get the players klub iptv on firestick

6. Click Open file next

download players klub iptv

7. Click Install

players klub iptv apk on firestick

8. Again, click Install when this screen appears

how to install players klub iptv

9. Wait for Players Klub IPTV app to install

10. When the App Installed notification window is displayed, it means that the app was successfully installed

how to use players klub iptv on firestick

11. If you wish to delete the Players Klub IPTV APK after installation, select Local option on the right side of ES Explorer followed by the second Home Now, on the right side, click Download folder where you will find the APK file. You can delete the file by selecting it and then clicking the Delete icon on the bottom of the screen.

How to Use Players Klub IPTV on FireStick

You will notice that The Players Klub IPTV app is not on the home-screen of your FireStick. That’s because recently installed apps appear on the bottom of the apps list in Your Apps & Channels. Here is how you access it:

  • Long press the Home button on your FireStick remote
  • Click Apps
  • Scroll down and select Players Klub IPTV app icon

You can run the app from here or press the menu button on the remote to move the app to the top row so that it appears on the home-screen.

Run the app and the following login screen will appear. Sign in with the login credentials that were created during the sign-up process

how to watch live tv on the players klub iptv

When you run the app for the first time, the following screen must appear

free live tv on the players klub

When the app is ready, here is how its home-screen looks like. Players Klub IPTV has a functional Live TV as well as On-demand sections. Click Live TV to explore

the players klub iptv live tv channels

Click the desired option and get started watching your favorite TV channels.

How to Install The Players Klub Kodi Addon

While you can download The Players Klub app on FireStick and other Android devices, you may want to use this service on other platforms as well. Even though the app is not supported on non-Android devices, the service extends the multi-platform support through its Kodi addon. Kodi is supported on Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and more.

Here is how you install The Players Klub IPTV addon on Kodi:

1. Launch Kodi and click the gear icon on the top-left to open Settings

kodi homepage

2. Click System settings on the next window

system settings kodi

3. Go ahead and select Add-ons on the left panel of the following screen

4. If the Unknown Sources is OFF or disabled, turn it ON

unknown sources kodi

5. Ignore the following warning and click Yes to proceed

Players Klub IPTV kodi addon

6. Go back to the Kodi home-screen and click Settings again

Players Klub kodi addon

7. Now open File manager

the Players Klub IPTV

8. Open Add source on the next window (on either side of the screen)

kodi Players Klub IPTV

9. Click where you see on this window

kodi Players Klub addon

10. Carefully enter the following URL on the window that opens next:

Click OK

how to install players klub iptv on kodi

11. Go ahead and give a name to the source in the field Enter a name for this media source. The default is playersklub and I am going ahead with it. But, you may choose any other name you wantClick OK

get players klub iptv kodi addon

12. Go back to the Kodi home-screen and click Add-ons

addons settings

13. Click the open-box icon in the top-left corner of the following window (also called Package Installer)

package installer

14. Next, click Install from zip file

install from zip file

15. Click playersklub or any other name you added earlier

the players klub iptv kodi

16. Go ahead and click the zip file named (you may see a different version number of this zip file if there is any update)

the players klub on firestick

17. Wait for the notification The Players Klub repository Add-on installed. It will appear in the top-right corner

install the players klub on kodi

18. Click Install from repository while staying on the same screen

install from repository

19. Click The Players Klub Repository

the players klub iptv kodi addon

20. Open Video add-ons

players klub iptv

21. Click The Players Klub

how to use the players klub iptv on firestick

22. Click Install

install players klub kodi addon

23. When the add-on is installed, you will see the notification in the top-right corner saying The Players Klub add-on installed

the players klub iptv kodi addon

That’s it! You have successfully installed The Players Klub addon on Kodi.

Attention Kodi Users

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users’ online activities. If found streaming copyrighted content, you might get into serious legal trouble. Get a good Kodi VPN to hide your online identity and keep your activities anonymous.

Here’re 10 reasons why it is necessary to use a VPN.

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How to Use The Players Klub Addon on Kodi

Go to the Kodi home-screen and click Add-ons on the left. Next, click Video add-ons to access The Players Klub Kodi addon.

how to use players klub kodi addon

Since you are running the addon for the first time, you will need to log in with the credentials you created while you signed up for the service. Go ahead and click Step 1 Insert Login Credentials

the players klub live streaming

On the next window, click Username to enter your username. Click Password to enter The Players Klub service password. Click OK when you are ready.

the players klub iptv kodi addon

If you see an error message saying something like One or more items failed to play, ignore it and click OK

You should now see the following window. Go ahead and click Step 2 Click Once Login is Input

the players klub kodi addon

Here is how the home-screen of The Players Klub addon looks like once you are logged in. Click Players Live to watch live TV. For on-demand movies and shows, click Movies or Catchup

how to use the players klub iptv

Following are the live TV options

the players klub kodi addon

Well, that’s pretty much it. Go ahead and explore Players Klub IPTV service and enjoy!

Winding Up

The Players Klub IPTV is definitely one of the best entertainment services I have come across recently. Not only does this service offer more than 2000 live channels, it also has a huge on-demand section to watch movies and shows. Even though the service charges you $8 per month, it is still worth a try. Go ahead and give it a shot!

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