This OnePlus Nord half price deal is definitely not as cheap as it seems

This OnePlus Nord half price deal is definitely not as cheap as it seems

The OnePlus Nord is the latest release from OnePlus and packs an impressive punch for its affordable £379 price tag. For your money, you get a premium design, 6.44-inch 90Hz display, fast Qualcomm processor, and access to the very latest 5G data speeds, which can stream films on the device at speeds of well over 300Mbps – that's over 4x faster than the average home broadband speed in the UK.

There's also a quad rear camera, which offers ultra-wide, portrait and close-up macro shots plus a dual-lens front-facing camera allowing you to take standard and group selfie shots. Other treats include up to 12GB of RAM, an embedded fingerprint scanner under the screen, and a fast-charging battery.

It's very hard to fault all this kit for such a comparatively low price, but there's a deal currently on the market that we're not entirely convinced offers the best value for money. Three Mobile has launched an attention-grabbing deal which offers the Nord on contract for half price. That means, for the first six months, owning the Nord will only cost you £21 a month.

For that, you'll get the shiny new handset as well as totally unlimited everything – including calls, texts, and as much 5G data as you want to use. This all sounds mightily impressive, but dig into the small print on the deal and there are definitely cheaper ways of owning the Nord.

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Here's how our calculations work out –

Three Mobile Deal:
OnePlus Nord 8GB of RAM / 128GB of storage • Unlimited calls, texts and data
Upfront cost £29
First 6 months £21 a month, followed by 18 months at £42
Total Cost Of Phone + Contract: £911

OnePlus Nord SIM-Free + Unlimited SIM-Only Plan:
OnePlus Nord 8GB of RAM / 128GB • SIM-Free Cost £379 (or less if you have an older smartphone to trade-in at checkout)
Three Mobile's Unlimited SIM-only plan
First six months £11 a month, followed by 18 months at £22 a month
Total Cost Of Phone + Contract: £841

Of course, you're not limited to Three's Unlimited SIM if you decided to buy the phone outright – you'll be able to pick any SIM-only deal on the market, which could make owning this device even cheaper.

For example, Tesco Mobile is offering a 4G SIM with 10GB (doubled to 20GB for the first 6 months) for just £12.50 per month. Or you can get 20GB (doubled to 40GB for the first 8 months) for £15 a month.

And that's not where the advantages end. If you own the phone outright, you can pick a rolling monthly SIM-only plans, which means you're not tied into a lengthy 24-month contract. Instead, you can take a break whenever suits – or switch to a rival network when a better deal comes along.

It's always a good idea to check how much any deal will cost you over the full term of the contract as things can often work out more expensive than buying the phone SIM-free and picking your own data plan. Of course, you'll need £379 in the bank account to get the phone in your pocket – something you won't have to do to get your hands on the deal from Three. With money tight for everyone at the moment, that's not to be sniffed at either.

Written by David Minister

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