Top 10 Best Kodi Repositories with Easy Installation Steps [2019]

In this article, we round up the best Kodi repositories for Kodi 18.2 and Kodi 17.6. These repositories work on FireStick and Fire TV devices along with other Kodi platforms like Android Mobiles and TV Boxes, Mac, Windows, Linux Computers, and more.

You can think of Kodi repositories as the storehouse of Kodi addons and builds. We talk a great deal about addons and builds but where do they actually come from? They come from the repositories. These repositories host a variety of addons. There are video addons that we use to stream movies, shows, live TV, etc. Then there are program addons meant for maintenance and utility services.

Whether you want to install an addon or a build, you will almost always need a repository. Most repositories host multiple addons. Some addons are available through multiple repositories. The addons on our Best Kodi Addons list and builds mentioned in our Best Kodi Builds list come from one or the other repository.

The purpose of this article is not just to make you aware of the top Kodi repositories. Along with the description of the repositories, I am also providing the general instructions to install them. It would be a good idea to keep a few of these repositories installed so that if you need any addon in the future, you could get it quickly.

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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How to Install any Repository on Kodi

If you have installed Kodi addons before, you would have installed repositories too. There are hardly any addons that can be installed directly from a zip file. Almost all the addons are installed through repositories. So, unless you install the repository, you can’t get the addon.

As I said before, I am providing the general instructions to install a Kodi repository. I will take Kodil repository as an example here. However, the process is much the same for all repositories. I have provided the source URL with each repository. Follow these steps:

#1- Open your Kodi app and access Settings menu through the cog symbol in the top left

best kodi repositories

#2- Now go to System

top kodi repositories

#3- On the following window, select Add-ons (as you see it is on the left) and next switch ON the option Unknown Sources

kodi repositories

#4- Click Yes to give your consent to keep Unknown Sources switched ON.

best kodi repositories

#6- Now go back to the Settings window and click File manager

top kodi repositories

#7- Click Add source

kodi repositories

#8- Click where you see on the window that follows

best kodi repositories

#9- Type in the following link exactly as provided:

Click OK

Note: This path is for Kodil repository. If you are installing any other repo, use the appropriate link for that repo. I have provided the source links along with the description of each repository.

top kodi repositories

#10- Now name the source. It is up to you how you name it. I try to make it memorable and relevant. So, I am naming it Kodil

Click OK

kodi repositories

#11- Now return to the Settings menu again and click Add-ons

best kodi repositories

#12- Click Install from zip file

top kodi repositories

#13- Look for the source name you typed in earlier and click it (like I am clicking Kodil)

kodi repositories

#14- Click the file

Note: Look for the zip file of the repository you are installing. This is just for demonstration purposes. Also, sometimes zip files are contained in a folder. Look around.

best kodi repositories

#15 – Now wait for the Add-on installed message. When this message is displayed, it means you have successfully installed the repository

top kodi repositories

#16- Now you may click Install from repository > Name of the repository > Add-on category (such as Video add-ons or Program add-ons) to install the addon of your choice

kodi repositories

Best Kodi Repositories

Now that you know how to install a repository on Kodi, here comes the list of the top Kodi repositories for 2019.

Kodil Repository

Kodil best kodi repositoriesFormerly known as Kodil Israel, Kodil is easily one of the best Kodi repositories you will find today. This repository has been around for a long time (for as long as I have been using Kodi and it’s been years). Somewhere in the mid of 2018, Kodil was briefly shut down.

However, fortunately, it was revived and was back in the game within weeks. Kodil’s shutdown would have been a huge setback for millions of Kodi users. That’s because it hosts hundreds of video add-ons and some very popular ones. In fact, as I write this guide, Kodil is home to nearly 700 video addons. That’s staggering.

Ares line of addons, DeathStarv, Yify Movies HD, Now Music, Exodus, Gen-X are some of the most widely used addons from Kodil.

Besides video add-ons, Kodil also features some top quality addons from other categories including Program add-ons, Subtitles, Look and feel, music, picture and more. Kodil is a must-have Kodi repository.


Kodi Bae

kodi bae best kodi repositoriesKodi Bae is also one of the most popular Kodi repositories among Kodi users. The content library of Kodi Bae isn’t as big as that of Kodil. However, it is host to some really awesome Kodi addons. Instead of focussing on hundreds of them, Kodi Bae developers picked only the quality addons. You can install video addons like Seren, Ultimate IPTV, cCloud TV, Exodus, Indigo and more.

This repository also features several Kodi addons in other categories such as Program add-ons, services, Look and feel, Music, Picture, etc.

If you like watching movies and shows or even sports or live TV, you will want to try Kodi Bae repository.


Maverick TV

maverick tv top kodi repositoriesWhile talking about the best Kodi repositories, there was no way I was missing Maverick TV. Maverick is a very popular source that offers dozens of quality addons and Kodi builds. This is another repository which has been around for a long time and continues to provide exceptional service.

As far as video addons are concerned, Maverick TV will let you install Gen-X, Now Music, Maverick TV, At the Flix, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon, YouTube, etc. As I write this guide, Maverick TV repo has 20 Kodi addons.

In the Program add-ons department, it has Maverick Wizard among others. This Wizard gives you access to a wide range of utility and maintenance tools. It also has a solid menu of a variety of Kodi builds including Tomb Raider.



supremacy kodi repositoriesSupremacy is another very well-known name in the world of Kodi. This source brings to you a healthy collection of Kodi addons and builds. When I was writing this guide, Supremacy had 21 video addons. The list includes popular names like Yoda, The Magic Dragon, Planet MMA, Supremacy Sports, Supremacy and more.

Among the program add-ons, Supremacy Wizard is certainly the most widely used. This wizard brings to you a decent line up of Kodi builds including Smokin, Supremacy Black, and various third-party builds from Doomzday. The wizard also offers various maintenance and utility tools.



Repositories are the source of Kodi addons. However, if you have been using Kodi for some time, you must have noticed that the addons and repositories sometimes go offline or are shut down. This happens when the server that hosts these repositories is either temporarily down or permanently removed. This could get frustrating as it keeps you from installing your favorite addons.

Thankfully, there are some sources that put multiple repositories together at one place so that you may install them when the original source is no longer available. Lazy Kodi is one such repository. This repository brings to you a big library of various repositories including Kodi Bae and Maverick TV.

Lazy Kodi is simply a collection of multiple Kodi repositories. You cannot install any addon directly from this source. However, since it has a big library of repos, you can eventually install almost any addon you like.


OneNation Repo

onenation repo top kodi repositoriesOne Nation Portal has become a known name among the Kodi users. This source has a decent line up of Kodi builds including Cobalt, Nebula, Blue Magic, DoomzDay, Slamious and more. You can install the One Nation Portal wizard from the One Nation repository and gain access to these Kodi builds.

On the add-on front, however, One Nation Repo doesn’t really shine. It has Deceit, which is easily one of the best multipurpose addons I have seen. Deceit has a big collection of movies, shows, live TV, sports streams and more. But, other than Deceit, there isn’t a lot to choose from. This repo also has SportsDevil and YouTube, but these addons are the part of just about every repository these days.

There aren’t a lot of Program add-ons as well besides One Nation Portal wizard. The repo has OneNation SpeedTest if you are interested in keeping a tab on your internet speed.


AJs Repository

AJ kodi repository best kodi repositoriesAJs isn’t the most popular Kodi repository, but it hosts some good quality addons. As I write this article, it has 7 video addons and 1 program add-on called AJs Wizard.

Let’s talk about the AJs Wizard first. This wizard features a good line up for some fine Kodi builds. The builds are available in 4 categories AJ Builds, Beckys Builds, Pauls Builds and Community Builds. There are nearly 20 builds in total. AJs Wizard also has the Maintenance category that lets you carry out basics tasks such as deleting cache, packages, thumbnails, force closing Kodi and resetting Kodi to the default value.

The Video Add-ons section doesn’t contain the very well known addons, but you may try Cryptic, Eyasses, Champion Sports, Falcon Project and more.


Diamond Wizard Repo

diamond wizard repo top kodi repositoriesDiamond Wizard Repo has a wide range of addon categories to choose from including Video add-ons, Program add-ons, Music and Picture add-ons, Services, Subtitles and more.

The Video add-ons section contains nearly two dozen addons including TvTap, Live Net TV, A Pirate’s Life for Me, Movie Theater Butter, Golden Age, Vortex and more. Both A Pirate’s Life for Me and Movie Theater Butter are also included in our top Kodi Add-ons list.

In the Program add-ons department, Diamond Build Wizard is probably the most popular addon. This wizard has a sizeable collection of Kodi builds for both 18.1 and 17.6. The eponymous Diamond Dust Build is also the part of our recommended Kodi builds. The Wizard also offers various maintenance, backup/restore, and other utility tools.

With all this, Diamond Dust had to be the part of our top Kodi repositories.


best kodi is one of the oldest Kodi repositories. It offers a decent collection of a variety of addons in various categories. From Video add-ons to Program add-ons to music and subtitles, you will find a lot of options here.

TVAddons got involved in the legal trouble a while ago and was briefly shut down. It came back and has stayed since then. The repository now hosts only the official addons. So, if you are looking for third-party streaming addons, look somewhere else.

It is probably best known for Indigo and Git Browser addons. Indigo is a maintenance and utility addon, which also encompasses the Git Browser. However, Git Browser is also available as a standalone addon. This addon lets you quickly install addons and repositories hosted by GitHub source.

Source: (look for


AndroidABA is technically not a Kodi repository but a source from where you can install almost all the Kodi repositories and a wide range of Kodi utility addons. This source contains Maverick TV, Kodi Bae, Kodil, and many more Kodi repositories. It is a lot like Lazy Kodi but with a bigger collection.

If you can’t install the repositories or certain addons from their original sources, give AndroidABA a shot. There is a fair chance you might find what you are looking for.


Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I would like to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, Sports) might get you into legal trouble.

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Winding Up

So, these are the best Kodi repositories for 2019. We continually check this list to make sure it contains only the working repositories. The moment we discover that any repository isn’t functional, we update this article accordingly. If you have come across a great repository or if you wish to share feedback, please feel free to get in touch with us through the comments section below.

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