Top 10 Most Torrented Flicks of The 7 days – 06/29/20

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 09/23/19

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This 7 days we have four new entries in the record. The approaching horror movie &#8220You Should Have Remaining&#8221 is the most downloaded film this week. The film, released by Common Shots, is directed by David Koepp.

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The most torrented flicks for the 7 days ending on June 29 are:

Film Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Ranking / Trailer
Most downloaded videos by means of torrent internet sites
1 (2) You Ought to Have Left 5.3 / trailer
2 (1) Power of Nature ?.? / trailer
3 (&#8230) Irresistible 6.2 / trailer
4 (&#8230) Jungle Defeat 5.7 / trailer
5 (&#8230) Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fireplace Saga 6.7 / trailer
6 (3) Artemis Fowl 4. / trailer
7 (4) The King of Staten Island 7.2 / trailer
8 (&#8230) Trolls Globe Tour 6.1 / trailer
9 (5) Da 5 Bloods 6.9 / trailer
10 (9) Undesirable Boys for Existence 7.1 / trailer

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