Trakt Not Working in Kodi? Here’s What You Can Do!

Trakt Not Working in Kodi? Here’s What You Can Do!

Do you suspect Trakt not working in Kodi? Are you unable to access certain playlists? This guide shows you how to check for Trakt’s uptime status and what else you can do in case of a service interruption!

If you don’t know yet, Trakt is awesome.

Trakt allows you to follow and track (called scrobbling) all of your favourite TV shows and movies. You can build a collection of titles you “own”, build a to-do watchlist, discover new content, and a whole lot more.

If you authorize and sync your Trakt account with Kodi, all of these playlists and features will show up in all of your favorite Kodi addons, such as Seren, Exodus Redux, and Gaia.

How Do I Know Trakt is Not Working?

The most obvious way to detect Trakt not working for you is if you can’t get into your “My” playlists. Your “My” playlists such as My Collection and My Watchlist are personalized playlists that have to be pulled from the Trakt website and displayed on your individual Kodi setup. If these do not work, it means that your network cannot communicate properly with Trakt servers.

But what if you don’t have an authorized Trakt account and some playlist sections do not work? How do you know if they are pulled from Trakt’s web service or another such as TMDB or IMDB?

The Seren Kodi addon uses Trakt wherever it can to automatically popular each playlist. That means everything from Most Popular to Anticipated to Trending to regular Search uses the Trakt API to pull in movie metadata information. If you suspect Trakt not working for you, not being able to access these sections is a giveaway.

How Do I Check if Trakt is Working?

Trakt also gives a nice service uptime tool that allows you to monitor the current status of its service. If you want to know if Trakt is down or up at any time, you can visit the Trakt Status Page where it will give you the uptime status for the last 30 days.

Look at the chart underneath “API” and hover over the current date and time. If the API is not at 100% and you are experience the Trakt not working symptoms above, you are probably being affected!

Hopefully with this tool, users will be able to identify whether the issues are on their end or with the Trakt third party service. Try again later and things will usually be fixed.

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