Trump did not call Putin before launching Syrian airstrikes



Officials concerned about potential Russian blowback from attack on Syria following chemical attack. Fox News' John Roberts reports


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  1. Forget about "who is going to win the war" The price takers are always the 99% who will die, the rest rich 1% will live. See, nobody cares about you. Just that 1% that really matters.

  2. Hmm … how fast people turn on someone they trusted to be their leader a few weeks ago ….  it just goes to show Trump has more brains than all his so-called Supporters combined. There's obviously more to this than a few sad pics on the media. The media, remember, is something Trump doesn't trust.

  3. I am very happy with this attack on the child murderer Beshar Assad. Let this be a warning to other child killers in the region. Terrorist Ayatollahsof IranThank you Mr. President

  4. The USA people are listening to the USA media and the Russian people to the Russian media. Who is right? According to my opinion there is a huge propaganda happening in both sides (which purpose is to brainwash to the bone everyone) while the people years now are trying to understand what is happening is Syria, the most complicated war ever.

  5. I'm not convinced Trump is doing the right thing. But I'm still behind Trump 110% I still have hope for him. Trump is just establishing his presidential credibility; the strike did no real damage and only killed four which still sucks but is forgivable. If terroristic countries think we are going to avoid war at all costs they'd be wrong. Trump needs to stay the hell away from Syria now and work healthcare and infrastructure. No more war please!

  6. Good, I'm glad he didn't call Putin. Putin has no need to know where the U.S. acts upon atrocities committed with Putin's backing. If Putin approves of this, then Putin is OFF THE TABLE WITH THE U.S.

  7. I read this, seems to make more sense;
    The Syrian airforce bombed a rebel arms factory,which also happened by chance to contain a chemical arms manufacturing plant.The UK financed propaganda NGO of the SOHR (Abdel Rahman) from his 2 bed semi in Coventry,along with the other UK/US financed terrorist's the White Helmets and Al- Qaeda/Nusra affiliates under the orders from the U.S./UK, have staged a propaganda media coupe to demonise Assad/Russia

  8. Anerica is the most powerful nation on this planet Earth. Why wud Trump gives a flying fuck to Putin. Unlike the slave mentality of the last Black President, Putin has now met his match. America will be great again and Russia nothing. Trump will ensure that.

  9. Disappointed. Where is the man who said he wasn't going to be President of the world? Where is the evidence that Assad was responsible? Or are we taking the word of U. S. intelligence who swore up and down Iraq had WMDs? Weaken Assad and you strengthen Isis. Why is he now ignoring Putin?

    And where is the sense in killing thousands to avenge the deaths of 60?

    He should have given the UN more time to investigate and respond. Two days is not enough.

  10. the 3 most dangerous leaders in the world go Kim Jong Un, Xi Jingping and then Putin. Now Trump is meeting with Xi while pretending to have divorced from Putin. Trump and Putin are just wagging the dog. Assad Killed his enemy's with Russia's weapons and Trump bombed an empty airfield and Putin acts angry about it and the U.S. thinks Trump kept his promise but really this is an old trick called wagging the dog. Their is a movie about it. Trump is worse than I ever realized and he's using the deaths of those Syrian people to help boost his credibility. Trump and Putin are monsters.

  11. That's bull, TRUMP did call Putin, it's well known. This is a circus show. Trying to stand around like Obama all watching US strike an air base and do little damage. Such a crock of bull. WHY? To simply boost his ratings and get us looking the other way. Putin doesn't care about children, so they sent a few rockets with lethal gas, showing us the damage and killing innocent kids. Pulling everyone's heart strings, the TRUMP comes in riding on his phony white horse like he's saving the day. 49 missiles costing over a million a piece and destroying PART of an air strip. YES, Putin was warned. It's all a dog and pony show folks to make Trump look good. Where was congress when they used the same weapon to kill nearly 1500 people and congress would NOT vote to strike? Politics at it's best. Makes me sick to watch the innocent suffer and people really believe this bull. EVEN having someone lie and saying it took out 20% of the Syria air force. I mean come on. This administration is such a joke. Cutting aid to the poor while give millionaires tax breaks.

  12. trump did speak to Russia you idiots and Russia stated they was shooting the misslies at a warehouse that was a chemical weaponry warehouse. That statement was found to be false. The warehouse was investigated and it has been abandoned for a long time they only found grain and animal dong along with a dead goat…. Russia is hiding something and they lied about their involvement. They knew they was murdering innocent people. 30 women and 20 children that would leave only 20 men killed. That is some low sick shit.

  13. Don't fall for this military attack of Syria Bull Sh*t. This attack was all planned to divert attention from the Trump's Administration Intelligence Investigations. Another DECOY. Remember other Decoys: (1) President Obama wiretapped the Trump tower?? (2) Susan Rice unmasking & leaking Intelligence information??Donald Trump knows that the CIA & FBI are almost ready to move in on his ties to Russia, and his Tax Returns. WAKE UP "REAL AMERICAN", IT'S NOT ABOUT POLITICAL PARTY NOW.

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