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* Over 500 premium free channels available to watch in this application *
“TV Ultimate” is an application that allow you watch live TV channels directly on your iOS devices.
“TV Ultimate” is the application that has the highest number of TV channels in all the App Store.

Find all the popular satellite channels directly on your iOS devices.
These TV channels can be accessed from any country in the world.
All TV channels are live.

• Add TV channel:
You can add the channels you like by yourself, in .m3u8 format.
These TV channels can be easily found on the Internet.

• Favorites:
You can create a list of your favorite channels.

• Sorted channels:
TV channels are grouped by category and country, so you can find them more easily.

• Timeshifting (Controlling live TV):
You have the possibility to pause any channel/program and resume play later.
Now you can pause your program at any time for example to answer a phone call without missing a beat.

• AirPlay:
With the AirPlay option, you can stream channels from your iPhone/iPad to your Apple TV.

• Manage subtitles:
If the channel has the Subtitle option, you can watch the programme with subtitles.

• Language Selection:
If the channel has the multilingual option, you can change the language in the programme.

By Arach FAKHR

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