TV Ultimate

“TV Ultimate” is an application that allow you watch live TV channels directly on your iOS devices.

• Add TV channel:
You can add the channels you like by yourself, in .m3u8 format.
These TV channels can be easily found on the Internet.

• Favorites:
You can create a list of your favorite channels.

• Sorted channels:
TV channels are grouped by category and country, so you can find them more easily.

• Timeshifting (Controlling live TV):
You have the possibility to pause any channel/program and resume play later.
Now you can pause your program at any time for example to answer a phone call without missing a beat.

• AirPlay:
With the AirPlay option, you can stream channels from your iPhone/iPad to your Apple TV.

• Manage subtitles:
If the channel has the Subtitle option, you can watch the programme with subtitles.

• Language Selection:
If the channel has the multilingual option, you can change the language in the programme.

By Arach FAKHR

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