TVZion 3.1 APK with ZionClub Streaming Movies TV Shows FIRESTICK FIRE TV NVIDIA SHIELD 

TVZion 3.1 APK

TV Zion APK on Display

TVZion APK 3.1 APK with ZionClub Streaming Movies TV Shows FIRESTICK FIRE TV NVIDIA SHIELD

Tvzion apk Named after the poplar ZION City in the Matrix Reloaded Film. TVZion developer stands firm to continue bringing HD and 1080 and 4k link into TVZion.

TVZion APK 3.1

  • ZionClub
  • Cached torrents
  • Custom filters
  • Sorting and more
TVZion developer releases theTV Zion 3.1  with additional features and more contents then ever, more features, and Ads plus the addition of ZionClub has been added to support the future development of this project.

With TVZion you can start by

  • Streaming Direct links of Movies
    • Streaming Torrent of Movies
  • Streaming Direct links of TV Shows
    • Streaming Torrent TV Shows
  • Streaming Direct links of Anime
    • Streaming Torrent Anime


TVZion v3.1 Bring you new features with access to Premiumize support as an addition to improve streaming links as well as Torrent Streaming, TVZion the first of small APKS to bring 4K content to end users for free.

The developer has shown interest that he will be upgrading the app soon to include all the popular features that use to be in Terrarium TV APK Morpheus APK.

  • TVZion APK gives you access to Free Streaming Movies and TV Shows.
  • TVZion includes downloading Movies and TV Shows.
  • TVZion the only APK to have access to 4K  streaming Contents.
  • TVZion now includes Torrent Streaming
  • TVZion supports Realdebrid and Premiumize Support
  • TVZion supports Subtitle

What’s new in Tvzion APK 3.1 :

  1. Improved link statistics – Now shows bitrate, ping time, [ZionClub] exact resolution.
  2. Lots of sources [+25] – (Torrents, DDLSites [DDLValley, ScrScene, 2DL], Streaming sites)
  3. Mirror domain fallback – Now TVZion auto falls back to alternate mirror domains whenever available once it detects ISP blockade (both for sources and hosts)
  4. Bot check bypass – Now TVZion bypasses anti-bot checks whenever possible.
  5. Improved Trakt support –
    1. [BugFix] Check in wasn't working earlier, it's fixed now.
    2. Choose what to sync on start up
    3. Choose what to do when +/- watch list buttons clicked
    4. Choose if you would like to auto add to history when you start watching something
    5. New resolvers [+2] (Vidcloud, AZFiles)
  6. HLS video support
  7. Brand new settings page
  8. Added option: Subtitle default search type added
  9. Added option: Subtitle “Play without sub”
  10. Added option: Mark as watched when watched more than X% of the video
  11. Added option: Only resolve torrents using PM
  12. Bug fix: Cast button bug on the links page

Tvzion APK ZionClub (starting from 1.25$/mo):

  1. 100% Ad free – Enjoy TVZion 100% ad-free.
  2. Cached torrent streaming [First time ever on any APK] – Now watch high-quality movie/tv directly off torrents with RD/PM.
  3. Advanced metadata detection – Now detect/sort/filter by accurate resolution, bitrate data.
  4. Link filtering/sorting – Filter links by bitrate, ping time, quality, resolution, type (RD/PM or direct). Sort by bitrate, ping time, resolution.
  5. Improved AutoPlay – Now auto play is even better with link filtering, playing just exactly what you want it to, AUTOMATICALLY, EVERY TIME

The official statement for ZionClub:

You are not paying for any content as TVZion does not own/create any of those contents. All it does is searches, indexes, aggregates and displays content sources to provide convenience to the user. You are paying for that convenience. If you feel that TVZion does not provide any convenience, you wouldn’t be here in the first place, forget going through the trouble of installing an app, especially when you can just find and watch that same content all over the internet yourself.

Official statement to Mod/Crack users:

  1. A request: If you are using a modded version, please consider using the ad-supported version if you are unable to get ZionClub, it’s pretty much the same. By using a modded version you are essentially hurting the development of this app and risking your privacy and worse.
  2. Disclaimer: Please use modded versions at your own risk. As a developer, I must inform you (especially because this is a non PlayStore app), just what you are risking when you install a modded version (or any app for that matter). Here are a few examples (there are thousands of these, just mentioning a few here as examples) of what a malicious app can do when installed on a device (even without any permission).
    1. Keylogger/Clipboard listener: Checks what you type/copy and sends retrieved email/password combinations to the attackerRequires NO PERMISSIONS on your device.
    2. Cryptomining: Will mine cryptocurrencies on your device in the background using your electricity. Makes your device laggy and reduces longevity and potentially melt CPURequires NO PERMISSIONS on your device.
    3. Bot-Net: Your device essentially becomes a slave to the attacker and will execute a plethora of commands from the attacker such as threatening someone from your IP address, download/browse/access prohibited files/websites from your IP addressmaking you responsible for all their ill deedsRequires NO PERMISSIONS on your device.
    4. RansomwareEncrypt your full device and locks you out of the device and then ask for ransom for an unlocking decryption key when given disk write permissions.

While I am not suggesting that every modder will add these codes into their mod version, but it is indeed possible and does happen more often than not (Google WannaCry, Shedun, Godless etc).

You might think that your antivirus will catch these, at times it will but if it’s something custom written (literally takes like 30-40 minutes to write these attacks) then antivirus will not catch these because they don’t have any fingerprint of these codes.


How to use Tvzion APK V3 on your Fire TV

  1. First, you need to make sure that you can install custom APKs. To do that, go here: Fire TV settings > My fire TV > Developer options > Unknown sources > Enable

  2. Make sure your Fire TV has Downloader and ES file manager app. If you don't, here is an easy way to install it.

    1. Go to Downloader App page (Make sure you are on the desktop version, if you are on phone, use your browsers “Switch to desktop version” feature to view the desktop version.

    2. Now, click on “Get the app” and make sure it says “Deliver to Fire TV” on the top.

    3. Do the same for Es file manager. If might give you a “Not compatible” warning but you can ignore that.

    4. Your FireTV will start downloading those two apps and once they are installed proceed to next step.

  3. Go to Downloader app, type out that short link you found earlier and click download.

  4. Once it is downloaded it'll show you where it was downloaded (usually it's the sdcard/downloader/..), make a note of this location.

  5. How to go Es file manager app, and find that file, (Usually it's Local (on the left sidebar) > Home > Sdcard (on the folder list) > Downloader (on the folder list) and you will find the apk.

  6. If the apk is downloaded as .bin file, please rename the file to .apk. (To do that, you simply press and hold the ok button on the remote and rename option will appear at the bottom)

  7. Once the file is .apk, click on it, it'll prompt for installation, click install.

  8. Once installed you can find it on your app list.

Note: If app crashes, please go to Settings > Applications > Clear data & clear cache.

TVZION V3.1 Download link

Uninstall the previous app first

Links: Click here or DropBox

  • or put this link in the downloader app –


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  1. Can you share what filter settings you use for TV Zion? I’m interested what biteate, latency , etc would give back the most quality results.

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